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Mon Apr 20, 2009

On Today's Show:

Joseph Wojcik "Yubbie, the Rise and Fall of the Everyday Joe"
Joe Wojcik is a powerful motivational speaker, delivering messages of hope and possibility. He shares profound insights, perspectives and education through seminars and keynote speaking engagements. A victim of bullying in his youth Joe's life journey drew him into substance abuse as a young man. A debilitating automobile accident in his early thirties became a life altering experience.

Doug Fine "Farewell My Suburu"
DOUG FINE, a contributor to NPR and Public Radio International, has reported from remote perches in Burma, Rwanda, Laos, Guatemala, and Tajikistan. He is the author of Not Really an Alaskan Mountain Man, and lives in southern New Mexico.

Sylvia Lafair "Don't Bring it to Work"
Sylvia Lafair is an expert on leadership, workplace behavior, and relationships. She began her career as a family therapist and is fine-tuned to the reverberations from family life that play out in the workplace. Lafair is president of Creative Energy Options (CEO), a consulting firm with retreat centers in Pennsylvania and New Mexico, and clients that include Microsoft, AstraZeneca, Aveda Salons, and Novartis. Lafair has published numerous articles and is a much-sought-after speaker on the subjects of leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution, and creative collaboration.Visit her website at

"Go Green" with Boyd Matson
As a leading on-air journalist for National Geographic, Boyd Matson has the envious job of traveling to exotic locations and joining thrilling expeditions. Matson has rappelled into sinkholes, run multi-day endurance races through the desert, and been bitten by more snakes than he cares to count. By taking such extraordinary risks—going above and beyond the call of journalistic duty—Matson not only seeks to satisfy his own powerful curiosity about the world, but also brings a unique personal perspective to his stories. In doing so, he stands in for his less adventurous viewers, helping them feel what it was like to be in these extraordinary situations. Matson currently hosts a weekly radio show called NG Weekend, reaching out around the world by satellite phone to talk with some of the greatest explorers in the world as they conduct their work. Matson also writes a monthly column for National Geographic Traveler magazine, called Boyd Matson Unbound. With his extensive on-camera experience, Matson is a natural speaker, entertaining and enthralling audiences with stories of adventure, leavened with a touch of humor.

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