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Paul Stern is off and Erik Hines joins Jack Roberts

Brendan Wayne - Angel and the Badman
A candid talk with the grandson of American Icon John Wayne - "The Duke". Thirty years after John Wayne – the face the of the American Western – rode off into the sunset for the last time, his grandson, Brendan Wayne, dusts off his grandfather’s cowboy hat for a role in “Angel and the Badman,” a remake of ‘The Duke’s’ 1947 classic, which was also the first film that Wayne served as producer for. The remake, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering Sunday, July 5 (9/8c), costars avowed Western aficionados Lou Diamond Phillips and Luke Perry as a pair of rival outlaws, one trying to change his ways and the other with murder on his mind.

Jay Mohr - Comedian
Comedian and actor Jay Mohr knows all about saying the right thing at the right time. That is why Mohr has "answered the call of Chewty" and teamed up with SNICKERS ® to give men the opportunity to drop catch-phrases into a new language called "Snacklish." "Snacklish" is the conerstone of the brand’s new advertising campaign, SNICKERS Speak, which uses the brand’s well-recognized iconography, to expresses the brand’s substantial and delicious eating experience in the form of a sweet new vocabulary. One of the most talented and recognizable comedians of all time, Jay Mohr got his start performing stand-up comedy in college comedy clubs. Mohr first began to garner national attention as a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," where his impersonations of celebrities, including actors Sean Penn and Christopher Walken, became a wild success. His portrayal of ruthless sports agent "Bob Sugar" in Jerry Maguire solidified that he is not just a talented comedian, but also a skilled actor. Mohr currently co-stars on sitcom "Gary Unmarried" and has finished production on a new movie, "Lonely Street," costarring wife, Nikki Cox.

“Dr. Cool Tech” - David King - Consumer Products Expert
Consumers love products that reflect their style, success and self esteem. And especially when it comes to their careers, they want products that offer steak and sizzle. “Dr. Cool Tech” Dave King is here with the hottest toys for today’s professionals!

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