Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thu Jun 11, 2009

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Dr. Marie Savard "Ask Dr. Marie: Straight Talk and Reassuring Answers"
One of the most trusted voices on women's health, wellness and patient empowerment. She is the author of three books, The Body Shape Solution to Weight Loss, How to Save Your Own Life: The Savard System for Managing--and Controlling--Your Health Care and The Savard Health Record. She is currently at work on a new book, Ask Dr. Marie: Straight Talk and Reassuring Answers to Your Most Private Questions,an informative and entertaining guide to women's health that combines snappy, on-point opinions with the hard core facts about sex, libido, hormones, and other medical facts of life. Dr. Savard is a frequent speaker and spokesperson on behalf of a wide array of health issues, featured in print, radio and television for ABC News. In addition to providing commentary for ABC News, she continually provides up-to-date and empowering health information through her website, newsletters and a regular blog on the health page of ABC News and her website A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that HPV testing significantly reduces deaths from cervical cancer compared to other traditional methods, like the Pap test. In fact, the Pap test showed no significant reductions in deaths and the results even have some experts saying that HPV testing may one day replace Pap testing as the new standard for cervical cancer screening!

Premal Shah Co-Founder of - The World’s First Microlending Site
Since it’s founding three years ago, has raised $72 million in loans to support more than 170,000 entrepreneurs in 44 developing countries. Kiva is a person-to-person lending site where a loan of just $25 can be made to an entrepreneur and tracked from the initial investment to repayment. When repayments come in, investors can withdraw the money or loan it to another entrepreneur.

Hitha Prabhakar - national celebrity beauty/fashion expert
a contributing fashion editor and retail industry expert. As the former style writer for Forbes magazine and, Hitha covered the luxury industry as well as men's fashion. She has written for People magazine,, ELLE India, Metro Newspapers, Nirvana Women, Inked magazine and Zink magazine. If you think you're ready for summer this season, think again! From Brad and Angelina to Julia and J Lo, celebrities are once again setting the trends as to how the rest of us will strut our stuff this summer. National celebrity beauty, fashion and retail expert, Hitha Prabakar, has the inside scoop on the latest trends on celebrity summer beauty and fashion. She will discuss everything from how to maintain your manicure and pedicures in the hot sun and sand, to the latest trends on beachwear, bikinis and summer fashion, skin and hair care so you can get that must-have celebrity look without breaking the bank.

Paula Froelich - New York Post Page Six - "MERCURY IN RETROGRADE"
As a New York Post Page Six gossip columnist, Paula Froelich has seen the best and worst New York City has to offer, from the daily grind of the average working stiff to the public scandals and shakeups of the city’s glitterati. In her debut novel, MECURY IN RETROGRADE, Froelich brings her sharp wit and insider’s perspective to a story about three very different women who—in classic New York style—just happen to share the same SoHo address.

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