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Mehran Farhat (Tori's "Gay Husband" - "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood")
Mehran Farhat, Tori's best friend and self-proclaimed "gay husband," has known Tori Spelling since high school. --almost 20 years. People say they act like an old couple because they can finish each other's sentences and often bicker -- often compared to "Will and Grace." As Mehran says, "It's like we're in relationship minus all the messy complications that come along with it." Tori and Mehran have always been interested in fashion, so over the past several years they started several business that have been growing. They have a jewelry line on HSN, as well as a lifestyle brand called Maven, which includes a children's line called Little Maven, as well as a higher-end fashion jewelry line called Maven, which is going to re-launch in Spring 2010. They are also in the process of developing a women's apparel line. Tori and Mehran always say, "Fashion is our passion and chicness is our weakness." Mehran also works in a strategy group at Westfield, which is an international shopping center developer.

Justine Ezarik - Gadget and Technology Expert
Do You E-Mail While You’re Driving or Talk Loudly on Your Cell Phone in Public? New Survey on Mobile Etiquette Reveals the Biggest Pet Peeves Expert Offers Tips on How to Steer Clear of Offending Others . Have you stood in line at the grocery store, only to wait until the person in front of you finishes talking on their cell phone before the cashier can ring them up? What about using a public bathroom and seeing someone on the floor texting or typing on their mobile device or laptop? Or even worse, in a church or at a funeral?

Marc Morrone - Pet Expert - What Pet do you get?
Marc Morrone is the co-owner of Parrots of the World, Ltd. pet store inRockville Centre, New York and Martha Stewarts "Pet Expert" and appearsregularly on the "Martha Stewart" television show which is syndicated acrossthe country. Marc Morrone is also the host of "The Pet Shop with MarcMorrone" on the Lifeskool cable channel. On all these shows Marc Morrone'sown personal pets interact happily with others as he dispenses practical petadvice based on a lifetime of experience in keeping a wide variety of animals.

Clairvoyant Lilith Dove - "Knowing Your Karma"
Clairvoyant Lilith Dove grew up in Essex, England and realized at an early age that she possessed a special gift. She came to New York and has been studying metaph ysics for more than ten years. Her clientele inc ludes many from the entertainment, fashion and business worlds looking for help with their professional and personal lives. She has been featured on Fox 5 News, and has been interviewed by David Letterman. Lilith’s readings have helped many people gain a greater understanding of their individual talents and abilities. With the launch of “What’s Your Karma.TV,” a viral site which features webisodes of her off-Broadway run in New York and work fro m previous events, in conjunction with “KarmaStars,” a weekly astrological video blog, “Karma Clues: A Guide to Good Karma” book, along with an innova tive “Think Good Karma” merchandising line distributed through the CafePress online marketplace, Lilith Dove’s vision to bring new energy to the psychic industry is now energized for success.

Ron Dante (born Carmine Granito, August 22, 1945, Staten Island, New York) is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Dante is best known as the lead vocalist for the cartoon group, The Archies, from 1968 to 1971. The Archies third single, "Sugar, Sugar", written by producer Jeff Barry with Andy Kim, was the U.S. number one selling record of 1969. Prior to his stint with The Archies, in 1965, Dante was a member of the parody group The Detergents, who recorded a song jokingly entitled "Leader of the Laundromat".[citation needed] Concurrent with his work on the Archies project, Dante was also employed as a session singer, recording demonstration records, and he also sang many television and commercial jingles. In 1969, Dante recorded an album under the group name of The Cufflinks for his old Detergents songwriter-producers Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss. Providing both lead and background vocals through overdubbing (as he did with most of the male Archies' vocals) Dante hit the U.S. Top 10 with the single "Tracy", at the same time that The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" was at the top spot on the same chart. Dante was anonymous on both tracks, as with all Archies and Cufflinks recordings. Dante's first album release under his own name, on Don Kirshner's label, was Ron Dante Brings You Up in 1970. In 1972, also under the supervision of Kirshner, Dante became lead vocalist for another cartoon group, The Chan Clan. In 1979, he recorded a disco album under the name Dante's Inferno for the short lived Infinity Records label, and in 1981 his second solo album Street Angel was released. From 1973 to 1981, Dante was the record producer for singer Barry Manilow. Dante often sang background vocals on Manilow's recordings, including the single "Mandy."

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