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Michael Gossard - ACIDIC
ACIDIC is an amazing young L.A. band playing original alt/rock music, that you really must see live. Battle-of-the-Bands judges have characterized lead singer/guitarist Michael Gossard as a front man "larger than life." Seventeen-year-old Mike has known bassist/vocalist Ted Dubrawski since they were kids at the same elementary school. Ted, who's 19, is an accomplished surfer and is enrolled in the prestigious Musicians Institute where he’s learning be a “luthier” - a craftsman who builds guitars. Nineteen-year-old drummer Matt Whitaker is a cancer survivor, having beaten childhood leukemia when he was seven. He's a sophomore at LMU. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Thompson is 19 and officially the eldest of the group - by about a month. He’s presently a sophomore at Pierce College. ACIDIC puts on a muscular stage show with catchy, memorable songs, compelling vocals, and power riffs that make you want to floor it if you¹re driving! They quickly moved up to bookings on major Saturday night line-ups at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go, recently cracked open the landmark House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, and were featured performers at the 2009 NAMM Show. They are sponsored by Minarik Guitars, Souldier Straps and Stash Picks. They're actively involved in charity work and donate their onstage talents and proceeds from their CD sales to a variety of causes ­ through their own charity effort, "Help Us Help." They have a new 12-song CD release, "Ironic Dreams," available now through . ACIDIC's latest coup is playing the Main Stage at Bamboozle Left at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine! They're sharing the proceeds of their CD sales at that event with the One Love for Chi Foundation: to help defray the costs of medical care for Deftones bass player Chi Cheng, who was seriously injured in a car accident last November. Lead singer Michael Gossard has appeared in several bands before forming ACIDIC, toured the East Coast, played live concert performances as a guitarist and bass player, appeared in films, TV, music videos, musical theater, and various benefits. He’s a member of SAG and AFTRA. As a member of the Ventura County rock powerhouse Feisty Piranhas, he opened for the Misfits and Blue Oyster Cult. Michael may be the only artist to have played the NAMM Show two years in a row.

Trigg Ison "Trigg Ison Fine Art"
Who really knows the soul of an artist? The nuances within a personality, sometimes existing in harmony, many times in states of extreme conflict; all reflected within the artist’s actual painting. Chuck Connelly emerged as a favorite within the American art world during the neo-expressionist movement of the 1980’s with promise of becoming one of the next inspiring heroes of art and American art culture as a master class American painter. His paintings were represented by some of the most significant galleries in New York, including Annina Nosei Gallery where Connelly paintings were exhibited alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Rauschenberg and Julian Schnabel. In 1989, the paintings of Connelly were prominently featured in Martin Scorsese's film, "New York Stories: Life Lessons," and and work by Chuck Connelly was acquired for the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Although Connelly enjoyed success in the 1980’s he never achieved his true potential due to his self destructive behavior that alienated those around him. Our first exposure to the paintings of Chuck Connelly was in Director Jeff Stimmel’s 2008 HBO film, “The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly: Not for Sale,” which has now won an Emmy Award. The paintings were incredible, executed in myriad styles, textures and pallets, each demonstrating an extremely high and consistent level of intellect and talent. Captivated, and intent on bringing to the world's attention this stunning body of work, the galleries efforts now culminate with this exhibition of more than thirty original oil paintings, each hand selected directly from the artist's personal lifetime collection. Our exhibition begins with some extremely rare early painting by Chuck Connelly as well as his alter ego, "Fred Scaboda", the artist's self portrait at age 22, painted in 1976, followed by an existential composition, “The Drain”, 1985, which dares us to explore our own consciousness and our relationship to time, space and the universe. We are pleased to be presenting the exhibition as a retrospective with paintings from progressive periods of the artist's career, many of these paintings are indeed lifetime masterpieces. The paintings exist through thematic motifs which provoke thought, question and/or a response. A canvas painted by Chuck Connelly is a fascinating exploration, and in many cases, an insightful journey. Chuck Connelly is now prepared to take his place in history as one of most creative, unique and prolific living American artists. It is our pleasure to welcome the artist and his paintings to West Hollywood for his first west coast retrospective exhibition.”

Ingrid Dean "Spirit of the Badge: 60 True Police Stories of Divine Guidance, Miracles, & Intuition" Cops are often guided by something that's difficult to express in words. Angels? Spirit? Divine Intervention? We're not always sure! However, the 60 true police stories that make up "Spirit of the Badge" leave no room for doubt. We are bigger than we think we are. Every day police officers can face life-or-death situations that can call for decisions made in the blink of an eye. There's often no time for reasoning. So cops learn to trust their guts. The results, as related in these true stories, will amaze, astound and fascinate you. They will leave you with a new appreciation for our powers of intuition. You might call these stories divine inspiration, intuition, or miracles. If you're a police officer, or other first responder, these stories may bring to mind personal experiences where you were driven by split-second, gut decisions. This book is a creative compilation of unusual, moving, and exceptional moments as experienced by police officers in their daily work. Much of the world views police officers as authoritarian, or militaristic, or somehow different. The heart-felt police stories in this book demonstrate their humanness and selfless desire to serve, from the core of their beings.

Gloria Allred "Sexting"
Gloria Allred is the most famous female attorney practicing law in the nation today, a tireless and successful advocate whose high-profile legal battles on behalf of victims whose rights have been violated have led to many landmark precedent-setting court decisions. Voted by her peers as one of the best lawyers in America, and described by Time magazine as "one of the nation's most effective advocates of family rights and feminist causes," Allred has devoted her career to fighting for civil rights across boundaries of gender, race, age and social class.Gloria Allred is a founding partner of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg, one of the pre-eminent plaintiff civil law firms in the country, which has won national prominence through many precedent-setting cases. All across the country boys and girls are using the built in cameras on their cell phones to take nude and semi-nude shots of themselves and sending them to boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, or classmates. It’s called “sexting.” And while they may just consider it to be high tech flirting, many teens have no idea that the practice is actually considered to be pornography and has very serious consequences. In some recent cases, young people were registered as sex offenders as a result of sending these types of text messages, a stigma that could haunt them the rest of their lives. According to a report from Cox Communications and the NationalCenter for Missing and Exploited Children, about one in five teens have engaged in sexting, and over a third know of a friend who has sent or received a sext. And, perhaps most disturbingly, about 1 in 10 sext senders say they have sent them to people they don’t even know. In light of these alarming revelations, a new survey from is expected to reveal whether parents are aware of the practice and understand the dangers and legal consequences associated with this x-rated activity. Renowned attorney, Gloria Allred, is available to talk about the news survey findings and provide tips on how parents can protect their teen from the emotional and legal damages. She says that parents can be part of the solution in curbing the problem and is available for interviews on October 26 to share what they can do to get through to their kids on this important issue.

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