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Suzanne Giesemann "The Priest & The Medium"
Psychic medium B. Anne Gehman gave her first spirit readings to her teddy bears at age five. Raised in the Mennonite tradition, she left home at age 14 to finish her schooling. A life-changing near-death experience led Anne to develop her natural gifts, including an uncanny ability to predict future events. She has gained international attention for her help in solving crimes, locating oil and missing persons, healing illnesses, and connecting family members with their loved ones in spirit. She has worked with top government agencies and officials, police departments, judges, and corporate CEOs. While remarkable for her spiritual gifts and experiences, Anne’s life is all the more fascinating due to an unusual twist: she is married to Wayne Knoll, Ph.D., a former Jesuit priest. A brilliant student devoted to his faith, Wayne also left home at 14 to join a Roman Catholic seminary. She is a former Navy Commander who served as a Commanding Officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. An avid sailor and U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain, she and her husband, Ty, have sailed their 46-foot sloop Liberty across the Atlantic Ocean and throughout the Mediterranean. Her other books include Conquer Your Cravings, It’s Your Boat Too (A Woman’s Guide to Greater Enjoyment on the Water), and the memoir Living a Dream.

NEXTpert Editor-in-Chief, Katlean de Monchy, is a trends and lifestyle expert known as the Nextpert’s expert on the next and is frequently seen on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, Live with Regis and Kelly, Inside Edition, E!, Today in New York, and Fox and Friends. Katlean is editor-in-chief of NEXTPERT REPORT a newsletter with 3 million recipients. She leads the Nextpert team of trend experts, trend spotters, researchers and editors. NEXTPERT NEWS NETWORK is a leading resource for the media about What’s Next. Our trend reports, trend predictions and trend translations can be seen on some of the major national shows, on network news and on local TV news throughout the country every week. A strong aspect of our content is to translate − to tell consumers − what does this new trend or new product means to you − how might it improve your life − is this for you? Our content is also heard on the radio, read in newspapers and in our email newsletter, and seen on leading websites including those of television stations. CYBER MONDAY TO SET RECORDS!

Scott Hillenbrand Director 'Transylmania"
Spoof horror in which a group of college kids do a semester abroad in Romania and realise that if the partying doesn't kill them, the vampires just might! Opens Dec 4 Nationwide . Director and Producer join Erik & Jack to discuss the Action Vampire Comedy in the atmosphere of the "New Moon" Success.

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Wed Nov 25, 2009

Sid Kirchheimer - Fraud Expert "Scam-Proof Your Life: 377 Smart Ways to Protect You & Your Family from Ripoffs, Bogus Deals & Other Consumer Headaches " Scam-Proof Your Life is the latest work by award-winning consumer crusader Sid Kirchheimer, who writes the popular “Scam Alert” column in The AARP Bulletin—the nation’s most widely circulated newspaper. Kirchheimer is the author of The Doctors Book of Home Remedies II (2 million copies sold), Never Pay Retail, and other critically acclaimed books devoted to empowering ordinary people to protect their money, time, health, and security. In this essential action guide by dogged consumer reporter Sid Kirchheimer, more than 100 leading experts reveal smart and specific tips, techniques, and tactics that anyone can use to avoid being victimized—financially, physically, or emotionally. Car salesmen disclose secret strategies to save you thousands of dollars on your next vehicle purchase. Repairmen divulge the tricks of their trades … and disclose the advice you’ll need to get superior service at an honest price. Con men and crooks offer defensive directives to deprive thieves of your money, your possessions, and your identity.

Stacey Monk CEO and Co-Founder "Epic Change"
Stacey is a former management consultant who has spent her career working with leaders in the public and private sectors to successfully create, lead and navigate organizational change. She is a graduate of the Heinz School of Public Policy & Management at Carnegie Mellon University, and previously worked with Deloitte Consulting, Genentech and the Santa Clara Social Services Agency before launching her own firm, Funken Consulting. After a life-changing trip through Africa in 2007, Monk left her for-profit career to create Epic Change. Epic Change believes that people's stories are assets that can be used as resources to improve their lives. We help people in need share their "epic" true stories in innovative, creative and profitable ways to help them acquire the financial resources they need to create positive "change" in their communities.

Tim Gallwey "Inner Game of Stress"
Renowned sports psychology expert W. Timothy Gallwey teams up with two esteemed physicians to offer a unique and empowering guide to mental health in today’s volatile world. The Inner Game of Stress applies the trusted principles of Gallwey’s wildly popular Inner Game series, which have helped athletes the world over, to the management of everyday stress–personal, professional, financial, physical–and shows us how to access our inner resources to maintain stability and achieve success.

Irwin Kula, the host of Simple Wisdom, is not your typical rabbi. Known as both a provocative religious leader and a respected spiritual iconoclast, Irwin Kula has inspired thousands nationwide using Jewish wisdom in ways that speak to modern life. A renowned thinker, teacher, and rabbi, he is the author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life (Hyperion, Sept. 2006) winner of a "Books for a Better Life" award, and selected by Spirituality & Health magazine as one the "10 Best Spiritual Books of 2006" and was featured in a national public TV pledge special, "The Hidden Wisdom of Our Yearnings." A leader of religious pluralism, Kula says that the "freedom and openness of America invites us to bring our traditions to the marketplace of ideas. The challenge is to translate these wisdoms into accessible American idioms that inspire and improve our personal and public lives." A regular on NBC-TV’s The Today Show, and co-host of the popular weekly radio show, Hirschfield and Kula: Intelligent Talk Radio, airing on KXL in Portland, OR - one of the top 25 markets nationwide, Kula offers a perspective often missing in the media.

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Beverly Lynn Bennett "The CIG to Vegan Cooking"
Beverly Lynn Bennett is an experienced vegan chef, writer, and animal lover, and the author of the e-cookbook Eat Your Veggies!. Ray Sammartano is a musician, web developer, and long-time vegan cook who has devoted himself to spreading the vegan message for the past 15 years. There are so many reasons to go vegan—health and nutrition, weight loss, green and sustainable living, and prevention of cruelty to animals. With over 200 mouth-watering recipes and tips for converting meat- and dairybased dishes into vegan ones, The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Vegan Cooking will help readers enjoy a healthy vegan diet without sacrificing taste.

Dr. Norman H. Edelman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, American Lung Association Norman H. Edelman, M.D., is the American Lung Association’s leading medical authority. Having served as the Association’s Chief Medical Officer for 25 years, he is a highly sought after expert on all matters pertaining to lung health and is a seasoned media veteran. Dr. Edelman also provides patient care as a teaching clinic supervisor and is a Professor of Preventive Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Physiology and Biophysics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. From 1996 – 2006, he served in a dual capacity as Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of the School of Medicine at Stony Brook. Dr. Edelman is a member of the Association of American Physicians, American Society for Clinical Investigation, American Physiological Society and American Thoracic Society. His media experience includes; USA Today, WebMD, and “60 Minutes.” As part of its new smoking cessation campaign called “Quitter in You,” the American Lung Association conducted research among American smokers to better understand motivators to quit and the number of attempts it takes adults to quit. The survey results showed that the main reasons a smoker decides to quit is because of money (35%), to improve their health (33%) and to make family/friends happier (16%). The survey also shows that 60% of smokers were not able to quit on their first try. The Quitter in You campaign highlights the need to change the way Americans look at quitting and provides the motivation to quit for good. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows it does not always happen on the first try. But what many smokers don't realize is that they are not alone! The Quitter in You campaign acknowledges that multiple quit attempts are normal and are necessary steps along the way to quitting for good. As we enter the holiday season, discussing the campaign is a great way to show support for those smokers who are looking to quit.

Tal Blevins, Editorial Lead for the IGN Entertainment Games Network
Tal Blevins has worked in the videogame journalism industry for nearly 15 years and is the editorial lead for the IGN Entertainment games network, overseeing all videogame-related content on,,, the Vault Network, the Planet Network,, and all other gaming sites in the IGN Entertainment family. In addition to the IGN sites, Tal has had articles published in Next Generation magazine, Games Business magazine, PC Gamer,, and TV Guide, among other publications. He has also appeared as an expert in the field of videogames on several national and international television and radio networks, including G4TV, Spike TV the BBC and NPR; as well as worked as a script writer, producer, and on-air commentator for the syndicated television show Gamer Nation. Video games have become one of America’s favorite pastimes with 68 percent of American households playing computer and video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association. This holiday season, video games featuring advanced technology and eye-popping graphics will be more popular than ever with everyone from hardcore gamers to families adding them to their wish lists. So what are the latest and greatest games and game consoles this holiday season?

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Stephen Boehrer - "The Purple Culture"
Stephen L. Boehrer was ordained as a priest in Rome. He and his wife live in Wisconsin. What happens when those we trust most commit the most egregious acts of b betrayal? It's a scandal that has sent shockwaves throughout the world. Sexual abuse committed in the place where we-and our children-should be safe: the church.As three bishops stand trial in Federal Court, charged with conspiracy for protecting abusive priests, prosecutor William Goulding and defense attorney James Kobs prepare for the trial of a lifetime.As Goulding presents a litany of damning evidence, Kobs is forced to take an unorthodox route. But Kobs' toughest battle will be persuading the jury. From expert testimony about power, aristocracy, narcissism, and addiction, to the innermost thoughts of the trial's spectators and participants, this extraordinary courtroom drama unfolds as Kobs presents his startling case.An intelligent, provocative story about power and human nature, The Purple Culture is not a book about shame, guilt, finger-pointing, or lurid details. Part legal thriller, part psychological drama, The Purple Culture demystifies the majestic and intriguing traditions of the Roman Catholic faith.

Anthony Tarricone President American Association for Justice (AAJ)
Putting Patients First - Top Myths about Medical Negligence - Preventable medical errors are the sixth largest killer in America, costing billions every year. According to the Institute of Medicine, 98,000 patients die from medical errors- the equivalent of two 737s crashing every day for a whole year. The American Association for Justice (AAJ) has launched a national ad campaign to educate lawmakers about the epidemic of preventable medical errors and how tort law changes will not lower costs or cover the uninsured. There is a misconception that there are too many “frivolous” malpractice lawsuits and that these claims drive up health care costs and doctors’ premiums. There are many cases of medical negligence, not lawsuits since only one in eight people injured by negligence actually file suit. In fact, civil filings have declined eight percent over the last decade, and are less than one percent of the whole civil docket. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the total spent defending claims and compensating victims of medical negligence was just 0.3% of health care costs and empirical research has found that there is little correlation between malpractice payouts and malpractice premiums paid by doctors.As the world's largest trial bar, AAJ works to make sure people have a fair chance to receive justice through the legal system when they are injured by the negligence or misconduct of others—even when it means taking on the most powerful corporations. A managing partner at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP’s office in Boston, Mass., Tarricone represents individuals who have experienced serious injury or death. His areas of practice include aviation, product liability, medical negligence, and other complex personal injury and death cases. Tarricone has fought to ensure that individuals have meaningful legal remedies in state and federal courts when they are harmed by the negligence of others./ What tort reform is and whether that will help the uninsured/Five myths about medical negligence/ Patients’ rights and how to put patients first/ Ways to improve our health care system and reduce medical errors