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Willie Garson stars as Mozzie in the new USA Network original series WHITE COLLAR .  The talented Garson is rarely at a loss for work, appearing in over 250 TV episodes in a wide variety of programming, and over 70 feature films.  His unorthodox bald and bespectacled look won over fans on "Sex and the City," where he played Carrie's gay best friend, Stanford Blatch.  He is also well known as Henry Coffield on "NYPD Blue" and recently re-teamed Willie Garson with HBO and David Milch on "John from Cincinnati."   Garson will be seen next in the much-anticipated sequel to "Sex and the City" in May 2010. Born and raised in New Jersey, he started training at The Actors Institute in New York when he was only 13, before majoring in theater and psychology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. After graduation, Garson found his love for acting outweighed his psychology studies and landed guest roles on "Cheers," "Family Ties," "thirtysomething" and "L.A. Law."   He has stayed busy playing several recurring characters in a wide array of TV projects, such as "Just Shoot Me," "Spin City," "Ally McBeal," "The Practice," "Stargate SG-1," "Star Trek: Voyager," "The X-Files," "Medium" and "Pushing Daisies." On the big screen, Garson has collaborated with the Farrelly Brothers in their films  "Kingpin," "There's Something about Mary" and "Fever Pitch."  Garson has appeared in the quirky ensemble comedies "Soapdish," "Mars Attacks" and "Being John Malkovich", and is often used by such varied directors as Michael Bay, Mike Nichols and Spike Jonze. At home on the stage as much as he is on television and in film, Garson continues to perform with various bicoastal theater companies in NY and LA, and was a member of Naked Angels, The Manhattan Theater Club, the Roundabout Theater and the Geffen Playhouse. He's also involved in community and charity organizations – from Big Brothers to Young Artists United. He has read to first graders weekly through the Screen Actors Guild "Bookpals" program, and is involved with AMFAR, Aspen Youth Experience, LA's Alliance for Children's Rights and Camp Joslin Diabetes Center in Massachusetts.  Aside from acting on TV and the big screen, Garson also found success as a celebrity poker player. In 2003, "Evil Willie" (a nickname given to Garson by Don Cheadle for his fierce card playing) won the very first episode of Texas Hold 'Em on Bravo's "Celebrity Poker Showdown," and continues to play in tournaments worldwide and through the World Poker Tour.  Garson recently adopted a son and now resides in Los Angeles and New York.

MR. LIVINGSTON'S career began at the tender age of four when he
Stanley Livingston as Chip ...  performed with an underwater swim group called the "WATER BABIES". The Water Babies appeared on YOU ASKED FOR IT, a popular television show back in the early 1950's, and inspired articles in VOGUE and McCALLS magazines. MR. LIVINGSTON turned actor at age five appearing as a neighborhood kid on THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET. Stan was seen as a semi-regular on the show for four seasons, until 1960, when he began his role of "Chip" on MY THREE SONS.  MR. LIVINGSTON'S career blossomed in the area of theatrical motion pictures as well. Stan has appeared in ten feature films including Leo McCary's RALLY 'ROUND THE FLAG, BOYS, with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward; THE BONNIE PARKER STORY, with Dorothy Not the Stanley Livingston ...  Provine; PLEASE DON'T EAT THE DASIES, with Doris Day and David Niven; X-15, with Charles Bronson and Mary Tyler Moore; HOW THE WEST WAS WON (the last Cinerama movie ever made), with Debbie Reynolds and George Peppard; PRIVATE PARTS (the Paul Bartel cult classic); HOTWIRE, with James Keach and ATTACK OF THE 60 FOOT CENTERFOLD.  MR. LIVINGSTON has also appeared in several Television movies including SARGE - THE BADGE OR THE CROSS, with George Kennedy and LUCAS TANNER, with David Hartmann. TV Specials include the MY THREE SONS SPECIAL, THE AMERICAN YEARBOOK, OUR TIME, THE FABULOUS 50'S, CBS - 50th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL and A&E Channel's CHILD STARS: OUR STORY.  MR. LIVINGSTON is also a veteran of the Stage, having starred in such plays as SEE HOW THEY RUN, MISCHIEF, LITTLE WHITE LIES aStan's other activities are behind the camera. He has written, produced and directed numerous commercials, music videos, and PBS-type educational programming as well as serving as 2nd Unit Director on two feature films, THE AFTERMATH and EMPIRE OF THE DARK. Stan also co-authored the screenplay for THE AFTERMATH, the film of which is now in release on video. Stan also wrote the Pilot episode for a TV series called LA ROCKS! (He was also one of the segment Directors). The Pilot starred Sherman Hemsley (formerly "GEORGE JEFFERSON" on THE JEFFERSONS).  Stan branched out into writing for the stage. He wrote the musical DORIAN, which was produced at the Estelle Harman Theater in Los Angeles. One of the stars of the musical was Stan's real-life and television brother, Barry Livingston ("ERNIE" of My Three Sons fame). Stan also produced, "Hey, Ma... ", a major one-woman show starring New York Theater veteran, Kaye Ballard. The show was presented at the prestigious Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles.  A Freelance Director, Stan recently completed directing all 20 Episodes of a brand new Children's television series, "CORY THE CLOWN" for FUNNY PRODUCTIONS at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. 
Larry Harris -  "And Party Everyday"
Larry Harris began working for Buddah/Kama Sutra Records in the summer of 1971 as the local New York promotions man, and in 1973 joined his cousin Neil Bogart in founding Casablanca Records. He became senior vice president and managing director of the company in 1976 and left Casablanca in the fall of 1980. Larry was born in New York and now lives and works in Seattle. February 21, 2009, Playlist ... Now it can be told! The true, behind-the-scenes story of Casablanca Records, from an eyewitness to the excess and insanity. Casablanca was not a product of the 1970s, it was the 1970s. From 1974 to 1980, the landscape of American culture was a banquet of hedonism and self-indulgence, and no person or company in that era was more emblematic of the times than Casablanca Records and its magnetic founder, Neil Bogart. From his daring first signing of KISS, through the discovery and superstardom of Donna Summer, the Village People, and funk master George Clinton and his circus of freaks, Parliament Funkadelic, to the descent into the manic world of disco, this book charts Bogart's meteoric success and eventual collapse under the weight of uncontrolled ego and hype. It is a compelling tale of ambition, greed, excess, and some of the era's biggest music acts.

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