Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/14 Chef Marc Thuet & Biana Zorich - Conviction Kitchen, Theresa Albert- Ace Your Health

Erik Hines visits Conviction Kitchen! Theresa Albert tells us how to ACE our health!

Chef Marc Thuet & Biana Zorich - Conviction Kitchen

What do you get when you take one of the country’s top chefs, throw in a kitchen crew of ex-cons with no culinary experience, and give them just weeks to open a high-end restaurant from scratch?

In season two of Conviction Kitchen, world-renowned executive chef, Marc Thuet, and his wife and business partner, Biana Zorich, put their reputations on the line again – this time in Vancouver – with another high-stakes challenge that will push them and their charges to the limit.

With the clock ticking, Marc and Biana must train a staff of former offenders, create a tantalizing gourmet menu from scratch, and overhaul owner Daniel Frankel’s martini bar in the heart of the city’s gay village. But can they handle the stresses of running businesses in two time zones? Will they be able to follow the rules while working in someone else’s restaurant? And with limited time and funds, will they be forced to compromise on their usual level of fine dining?

As for the ex-cons, dealing with culinary boot camp will be only their first challenge since the real test will be making it past opening night. After all, they’ve got mere weeks to help build a profitable business or owner Daniel will pull the plug, and they’ll lose out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn their lives around. Can these convicted criminals cook themselves up a bright new future on the other side of the law?

Informative, in-depth, and emotionally-charged, Conviction Kitchen is spicy kitchen drama served up sizzling hot!

Theresa Albert- Ace Your Health

Is it hard to be healthy in 2011? Theresa tells us that it's soooo EASY! Ace Your Health takes the huge topic of good health and pares it down to simple, small shifts you can easily integrate into a better daily routine. Preventative health is founded on good food and healthy eating habits. In her book Theresa Albert also deals out sensible advice on losing weight, sleeping better, reducing stress and anxiety, community, stretching, and many other aspects that will help round out a new and improved you.

THERESA ALBERT is a registered nutritional consulting practitioner who operates a busy private practice at a corporate medical facility. Her television show Just One Bite introduced her direct, energetic approach to millions of viewers on the Food Network. She is the author of the cookbook Cook Once a Week, Eat Well Every Day and she contributes content and comment for numerous online sources, media outlets as well as corporate clients and food producers. She volunteers with charitable organizations and is an engaging and motivating public speaker on all topics surrounding food and health. Theresa Albert lives in Toronto with her family.

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