Saturday, May 22, 2010

5/24 - Mario Armstrong, Steve Helling, Paul Huljich,

Mario Armstrong - Tech Guru
Mario Armstrong is a radio, TV and online commentator, appearing regularly on CNN and NPR’s Morning Edition. On TV, his segments air weekly on CNN, NBC WBAL-TV, and Small Business He has appeared on CNBC, MPT, PBS, C-Span and TV-One. He hosts and syndicates his own radio technology talk shows on XM/Sirius radio,, WYPR & WEAA. He was recognized as a “Top 40 under 40”

Steve Helling -  "Tiger: The Real Story"
Tiger: The Real StorySteve Helling is a U.S. journalist who has written over a thousand articles for People magazine, including fifty-five cover stories. He lives in Orlando, Florida.  Before the scandal, the world knew very little about Tiger Woods. After the scandal, they knew him even less. He was born to a father who described him as the Chosen One, with the power to shape the fate of nations. His mother called him the Universal Child, with the ability to hold the races together. Selecting the unlikely avenue of golf, they groomed their son for the fame and influence that they always believed was his destiny. At age twenty, Tiger Woods made his debut in a Nike commercial. "Hello, World," he said. "Are you ready for me?" The world was ready. For the next thirteen years, Tiger nearly lived up to his parents' outsize expectations. He conquered the world of golf with skills the sport had never before seen. He became a global icon and a Madison Avenue darling, earning more for his squeaky clean persona than he earned for his sport. He settled down with a beautiful Swedish model and started a family. His net worth approached a billion dollars. Everything was going according to plan - until the scandal hit. As the media breathlessly mixed news with speculation, Tiger became the poster boy for self-destruction. Corporate America exercised its fickle option and Tiger Woods was suddenly transformed from a commercial spokesman into a tabloid King. But for all the media reports on this or that revelation, Tiger's true character remains a mystery

Paul Huljich - "Mind Wellness Awareness Program"
Paul Huljich (“hull JITCH”) who was one of the pioneers of the world’s organic food movement now splits his time between New York City and his native birth land of Auckland, New Zealand, is the founder of a new U.S. non-profit, MWellA (Mind Wellness Awareness program), and the author of a new novel heavily based on his real life, “Betrayal of Love & Freedom.” He lived in a mansion with an indoor pool with his wife and three children. By the age of 45 he had a mental breakdown and lost most of the life he’d worked relentlessly to build

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