Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Jasmaine "Minista"  Oxygen's Hair Battle Spectacular  (TONITE)
Jasmaine’s passion for hair started when she was a little girl braiding her grandmother’s wigs. After seven years of freelance work she found her niche in avant-garde hair. Her talent in fantasy hair styling got her personally requested by Madonna for the “Sticky and Sweet Tour” and then she went on to style hair for Madonna’s “Celebration” video. Jasmaine’s work has also been featured in Essence Magazine and Bronner Brothers publications. Her fantasy hair skills have won her the title of Golden Scissors “Braider of the Year” in 2003. Jasmaine’s favorite quote by Muhammad Ali is “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” This out spoken mother views herself in that very same way and does not have a problem letting others know.

Joan Cusack - "Law & Order: SVU"
 JOAN CUSACK has received two Academy Award(r) nominations, one for  her comic portrayal of a Staten Island secretary in "Working Girl"  with Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith, and the other for her role as Kevin Kline's jilted bride in the critically acclaimed "In & Out."  She was the recipient of an American Comedy Award for Best Supporting  Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in "Runaway Bride," opposite  Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. She also recently received a Daytime  Emmy Award(r) nomination for her work in "Peep and the Big Wide  World."  Cusack appeared in "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" for HBO Films.  She has starred in such films as "Friends With Money," "Ice Princess,"  "Raising Helen," "School of Rock," "Arlington Road," "High Fidelity,"  "Cradle Will Rock" and "Where the Heart Is." Her filmography includes  comedic femme fatale roles in "Addams Family Values," "Grosse Point  Blank," "Nine Months," "The Cabinet of Dr. Ramirez," "Corrina, > Corrina," "Toys, " "Hero," "My Blue Heaven," "Men Don't Leave," "Broadcast News," "Say Anything" and "Sixteen Candles," among others.  She made her screen debut in "My Bodyguard" at age 15. Most recently  Cusack was the voice of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl in Toy Story 3. 

Larry Manetti - "Magnum, PI"
Larry Manetti started acting in his hometown of Chicago. After studying acting with the Ted List Theater Players, Larry drove to Los Angeles in 1972. Larry landed an agent and was sent to Universal Studios to audition for an opening as a contract player. Luck was on his side. Jack Webb was casting a new series for NBC called The Chase. Larry played a young detective. After attending acting school at Sal Dano's at night and doing bit parts by day, he scored. Baa Baa Black Sheep was being produced and cast at Universal, and the now famous writer Stephen J. Cannell was the executive producer and the role was a natural for Larry. He was cast as a cocky, hot shot pilot named Bobby Boyle. The show was a big hit for NBC but was cancelled within two years. Because the network was so impressed with Larry's on-screen presence, they cast him in a new series called The Duke. Bad luck! The Duke was cancelled in one year. Larry was back to playing whatever Universal told him to.Hoping to catch lighting in a jar, along came Magnum, P.I. and the role of Rick. This was his elevator...the show became a mega-hit for 8 years. Since Magnum, P.I., Larry has done co-starring roles in 25 feature films and guest starred on many hot TV shows.
Larry is the author of a book titled Aloha Magnum.

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