Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wed Apr 1, 2009

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Mark Steber - Vice President of Tax Resources, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Mark Steber has oversight on issues related to tax rules and regulations and is responsible for tracking and interpreting IRS tax code changes and additions. He also manages Compliance and issues related to Tax Return Quality and Administration. In his roles at Jackson Hewitt, Mark has been responsible for management of federal and state tax resources, ProFiler development, and educational curriculum and content and select product administration. Duties include the supervision and oversight for development of federal and state tax content for ProFiler software platform and curriculum development for all tax education courses and seminars. Mark has been with Jackson Hewitt for more than five years and is involved with several aspects and initiatives of the Company related to tax and tax information dissemination.

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz - President of Charles Schwab Foundation
According to a recent survey of 23-28 year olds, instead of racking up credit card debt and spending recklessly, they are looking for guidance when it comes to the principles of responsible money management. The survey conducted by Charles Schwab also revealed that among those surveyed:
•The majority of young adults consider “making better choices about managing money” the single most important issue for individual Americans to act on today.
•Most young adults are becoming more financially responsible during this time of economic uncertainty: they are eating out less (62%), “shopping for fun” less (73%), saving more (52%) and modifying their vacation plans (47%);
•They see the workplace as a ideal setting for enhancing their financial literacy: two-thirds of survey respondents (66 percent) say they would like to see their employers offer ongoing education on a range of financial topics beyond those related to employee benefits such as the company-sponsored retirement plan and health insurance choices, but only 25 percent of employers actually do so.
•Young adults rank “financial fitness” well above other priorities, including physical fitness.

FLASHBACK: "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" was a hit song by pop singer Andy Gibb. The first single released from his debut album, Flowing Rivers, it became the first of three consecutive number one Billboard Hot 100 singles for Gibb. Co-written with his brother, Barry Gibb, it also reached number 19 on the R&B singles chart. According to Amy Hanson of Allmusic, Andy Gibb viewed "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" as "one of the most personal and meaningful songs he ever performed." Although brother Barry is the only credited writer for the song, both he and Andy wrote "Everything" in Bermuda as a tribute to Andy's recent marriage and his new wife. In March 1988, Andy celebrated his 30th birthday in London while working on a new album. Soon after, he entered John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, complaining of chest pains. He died on March 10 1988, just five days after his 30th birthday as a result of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle due to a recent viral infection. His brothers acknowledge that Andy's past drug and alcohol use probably made his heart more susceptible to the ailment. Just before Andy's death, it was decided by the group that Andy would join them, which would have made the group a quartet. This did not come to pass, however. The Bee Gees' following album, One (1989), featured a song dedicated to Andy, "Wish You Were Here". He is entombed at Forest Lawn - Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles. His father, Hugh, died four years later and was also entombed there.

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