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Stuart Schultz, founder and CEO of www.Gradspot.com
with business partner Chris Schonberger – two enterprising twenty-something’s – founded Gradspot.com, a premiere, online destination for life after college. They are super-impressive young professionals, having graduated from Harvard and Emory respectively and boasting work experience in the finance, technology and publishing industries. The backbone of Gradspot.com is made up of Survival Guides organized into five categories: Apartment, Career, Lifestyle, Money and Health. Stuart is also the co-author of The Gradspot.com Guide to Life after College. There are lots of books out there for new college graduates who have just crash-landed in the real world, but this book is a refreshing addition to the genre, mainly because it’s clever without being silly or snarky. Gradspot.com was featured on WNBC-TV’s (NY) Today in New York in May 2008 as a top online resource for college graduates.

Kent Healy editor of "Extraordinary Teens"
Kent Healy launched his first business, published five books, started a publishing company and toured the country speaking to teens all before the age of 24.Kent was one of 10 contestants on “The Messengers,” a reality series on The Learning Channel (TLC) where he competed for the title “America’s Next Great Inspirational Speaker.” Kent is currently working on more books, creating audio programs and organizing tele-courses. Now 25 years old, he is a columnist for several newspapers and magazines across the country, a personal life coach, an entrepreneur, a popular speaker at high schools and colleges and, in his spare time, works in real estate.

Eric M. Lamond, is the Director of Marketing for C3 Entertainment, Inc.
Eric brings 25 years of corporate marketing management experience to C3 from the financial services and high tech fields including work with TGI, a global provider of high-speed satellite services, Transamerica and served as President of the California Health Maintenance Association’s Administration subsidiary. His association with The Three Stooges is both personal and professional, as he is Larry Fine’s eldest grandchild. His first screen credit was in 1955 in the Andy Clyde two reeler SCRATCH SCRATCH SCRATCH , directed by Jules White, and starring Dorothy Granger (who appeared in The Three Stooges short Punch Drunks). Eric worked with The Three Stooges throughout his youth, appearing in their feature films and in several of the live action filmed wrap arounds used in the 1965 animated Three Stooges cartoon series. His acting work mainly focused on television commercials until his mid teens. There were also several appearances with the Stooges on The Three Stooges Show Starring Don Lamond on KTTV in Los Angeles. Don Lamond is Eric’s father and was married to Larry’s daughter Phyllis. Mr. Lamond received Journalism and English degrees from the UC system and also studied at the University of Vichy in France.

Jason Garner - CEO of Global Music - Live Nation
Jason Garner, Chief Executive Officer of Global Music oversees Live Nation’s concert promotion and venue activities worldwide. He also oversees the company’s House of Blues division. He has worked for Live Nation and its predecessors since 2003, when he joined the company as the lead booker for its Latin division, Vivelo. He quickly rose to the position of General Manager of the Latin division and eventually moved to the company’s Los Angeles headquarters to oversee the Live Nation’s North American Touring Division and the following year its North American Amphitheatre programming. Mr. Garner most recently served as Chief Executive Officer, North American Music at the company.

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