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David G. Foys "Essential Innocence"
Have you ever been in love-with a person you didn't know, had never met, and had never seen in person? This seems impossible to most people, but to a troubled 16-year-old boy, this scenario was not only possible, it became a reality.The kidnapping, rape and murder of 7-year-old Melissa Ackerman of rural Somonauk, Illinois, in June, 1985, was a crime which shook the entire community, and brought forth the dark and evil side of human nature. Whereas most people were outraged and saddended by the crime-and then were able to move on to the next news story-one young man found himself so consumed by these emotions that his entire life-and the lives of those around him-would be changed forever. I am that young man.Essential Innocence chronicles my struggles to cope with this tragedy. With a simple, diary-like format and clear, concise style, it also focuses upon other difficulities of youth-personal relationships, sexual feelings, and my own brother's murder a few years earlier. Controversy is ingrained in the story, which also covers topics such as child molestation and suicide.Essential Innocence will be a fascinating book for those of us who remember youth as a confusing and painful time, to teenagers as a guide of hope, and to anyone touched by death who seeks the answer to one question: Why? David Foys is a Chicago native, who currently resides in suburban Westmont, Illinois. He attended Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois, and received a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice/Sociology, with a minor in Political Science. Essential Innocence is his first novel.

Ray Smith - Dancer - "American Bandstand"
Ray Smith danced on the original American Bandstand from 1956 to 1959. Now he is a member of the Move Free Dancers, a recreational performing dance troupe of active adults, 50+. The Move Free Dancers’ mission is to inspire people of all life stages to keep moving, maintain strong and healthy joints, and do the things they love to do, at any age. Calling all 50+ dancers! The American Bandstand is turning 52! To celebrate, the Move Free Dancers are hitting Philly, the home of the Bandstand, to show the city that it’s easy to keep moving and grooving at 50+!
If you are a Bandstand fan who has what it takes to keep grooving at 50+, join original Bandstand Dancer Ray Smith and his crew of Move Free Dancers as they lead a master class in everything from rock ‘n roll to lindy hop, just like they did way back when. But that’s not all: each participant in the master class will learn the contemporary Move Free dance and receive the Move Free Dancers’ tools of the trade: a 7-day starter pack of Move Free Advanced daily supplement for joint health and a “Keep Moving!” t-shirt.

Eve Marie "Waiting For You"
1. The Bells Sang Our Song
2. I'll Take A Picture
3. I Know You By Heart
4. The Way You Look Tonight
5. Lost Soul Today
6. You Made Me Love You
7. Where Did You Go?
8. Songbird
9. Temptation
10. Waiting For You

Frank Keating, President and CEO of American Council of Life Insurers
The high cost of long-term care is a looming crisis that threatens Americans’ retirement and financial security and is putting significant strains on government entitlement programs, such as Medicaid.

Colleen Lerro Consumer Electronics Association
Colleen Lerro is a communications specialist for the Consumer Electronics
Association. Colleen has been with CEA for two years and manages promotions
for the Accessories and Digital Imaging divisions, and also handles internal
communications and media monitoring. Most of us think of personal tech accessories as just a way to add our favorite colors and unique style to our electronics, but they also do so much more. Accessories enhance the use of the core product, increasing its functionality, performance and power, while also helping gadgets connect more smoothly and making them easier to take with us. No matter what electronic device you use on a daily basis, there is an accessory to compliment and enhance it

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