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Manoush Robin - TV Personality/Reporter
From 1995-2006, Manoush reported and produced for BBC News, based in Washington, Berlin, and New York. Her stories have also aired on NPR, ABC News, and AP Television. She is the co-founder of Hardy Robin Media, a New York-based consultancy that specializes in on-camera training and online video production. She lives in Brooklyn with her son and husband. discusses how technology can play a major role while nursing ourselves back to health should we get the flu or even just the common cold this season. There are a number of precautions that have already been suggested by the experts such as washing your hands, staying home, etc. But staying home can prove to be challenging for most people who are used to being busy at work and seeing friends/family. Robin will show your viewers the latest in technology that will help us nurse ourselves back to health, stay in touch with the rest of the world outside and even save us $$ in the long run by keeping us healthy. Some of these items include: • The Smart Pill Bottle – this very smart bottle will let you know when you forget to take your medication. Through wireless technology it will send info to your internet and let your healthcare provider, doctor, or anyone you designate know that you have taken your pills faithfully. This company even has a system that if you take your pills faithfully, they will pay your co-pay!!• Ringful – This technology will send allergen reports and updates throughout the day to your iPhone! Allowing you to keep track of your allergies no matter where you are! • Video eleconferencing/Webcams - Part of the Government’s Flu Implementation Plan is to use telecommunications and broadband connectivity-related solutions to continue working remotely from home and avoid physical proximity and therefore slow down any disease spread. Robin will show you the latest in these types of technology!• Free Phone Calling

Stephanie Nelson - Coupon Mom
Stephanie Nelson is The Coupon Mom™ and best-selling author of Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom. She holds a degree in finance and has ten years of experience in sales and marketing with both Procter & Gamble and Marriott Hotels. In 2001, she founded committed to helping consumers save money. Since 2004 she has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC’s Today, Good Morning America, CBS Early Show, Fox Business, and CNN.Interview Source: Sam’s Club. New National Savings Study Takes the Guesswork Out of Comparison Shopping As tough economic times continue, many Americans are looking for smart ways to save money on frequently purchased items. Savings expert Stephanie Nelson, founder of, reveals how consumers can save more than 30% on grocery goods, pet supplies and home improvement items resulting from a national savings study and urges them to participate in the Sam’s Club national savings challenge. You can even go online to calculate your savings with their new savings calculator. Make simple substitutions – know which items in a group are usually the least expensive. Bananas cost less than apples, so use more bananas instead of apples. Brown rice is less than white potatoes, so use more brown rice instead of potatoes in your menus. Shop Smart by planning ahead – create your menus and shopping lists according to best values and avoid impulse buying. Join a warehouse club – Sam’s Club commissioned an independent study that found members save on average $30 for every $100 spent on some of the most frequently purchased product categories for home and personal use versus traditional retailers. Forty percent on grocery goods as compared to traditional retailers! The average Sam’s Club Advantage Member saves more than $300.00 annually according to the study.

Sam Memmolo "Sam's Garage"
The government’s Cash for Clunkers program has ended. While it sparked a buying binge, reinvigorating for a time our nation’s auto industry, there are still a lot of people who didn’t, or couldn’t, take advantage. They are stuck with a clunker and are going to have to live it for as long as possible. According to, 82% of owners are keeping their cars longer than previously planned, so it’s important for your listeners to know about measures that may help keep their vehicle engines performing better longer. His tips will include: RECHARGE! The heat of summer is actually harder on your car’s battery than most other seasons. The smart thing to do is have your battery tested and inspected by a professional to ensure you’re not powerless and stuck in the cold when you least expect it. Sam hosts and produces syndicated "Sam's Garage Radio Show". The show provides consumers + shop owners with a wide spectrum of advice, industry news, and product awareness, all presented in an easy to listen to entertaining format. Syndication allows "SAM'S GARAGE" to be heard on 50 radio stations, and also via the internet. Sam is "The Name" in automotive talk radio, and has provided help and information for the past 18 years. Not many broadcasters have the luxury of both radio and television, but Sam does! Sam wrote and co-hosted the incredibly successful TV show "Shadetree Mechanic" on TNN. Shadetree Mechanic had a terrific run of 190 episodes spread over 8 years. Later Sam wrote and co-hosted "Crank and Chrome", also seen on TNN. Sam Memmolo, along with his pal Dave Bowman, set the benchmark for automotive TV programming. Crank and Chrome enjoyed 52 episodes. Next Sam went on to become Executive Producer and Host of "Two Guys Garage on SPEED. Two Guys Garage is still in production after 8 years on SPEED. Sam has also be seen with Dennis Gage on "My Classic Car" on SPEED and TNN alike.

Larry Harris - "And Party Everyday"
Larry Harris began working for Buddah/Kama Sutra Records in the summer of 1971 as the local New York promotions man, and in 1973 joined his cousin Neil Bogart in founding Casablanca Records. He became senior vice president and managing director of the company in 1976 and left Casablanca in the fall of 1980. Larry was born in New York and now lives and works in Seattle. Now it can be told! The true, behind-the-scenes story of Casablanca Records, from an eyewitness to the excess and insanity. Casablanca was not a product of the 1970s, it was the 1970s. From 1974 to 1980, the landscape of American culture was a banquet of hedonism and self-indulgence, and no person or company in that era was more emblematic of the times than Casablanca Records and its magnetic founder, Neil Bogart. From his daring first signing of KISS, through the discovery and superstardom of Donna Summer, the Village People, and funk master George Clinton and his circus of freaks, Parliament Funkadelic, to the descent into the manic world of disco, this book charts Bogart's meteoric success and eventual collapse under the weight of uncontrolled ego and hype. It is a compelling tale of ambition, greed, excess, and some of the era's biggest music acts.

Dr. Kenford Nedd - "The Time To Be Happy is Now"
Dr. Kenford Nedd, who previously wrote Power Over Stress, has just come out with a new book, The Time to Be Happy is Now, which details 52 proven techniques to overcome daily psychological and physiological problems in order to build a successful career and enjoyable life. "I have been practicing these techniques for more than 20 years with groups of executives, doctors and other professionals, all over North America," Dr. Nedd reports, "and all of those who adhered to the techniques got significant improvement in their ability to function, while reporting higher levels of happiness in their lives." The Time to Be Happy is Now One technique designed to help you keep your cool under trial involves instant relaxation – how to reverse negative emotional and physical stress in 11 seconds using a formula consisting of seven steps. Contracting certain muscles groups, breathing in through your nose and redirecting your circulation to designated parts of your body, are a part of the process. Another technique is designed to stimulate the chemistry of happiness by using your brain in new ways. A third teaches how smiling can change blood flow to the brain and how to use this knowledge to make yourself happier. The book emphasizes how to use your physiology to change your emotions, how to behave with the happiness of others in mind and how to deepen your connection to yourself, enlarge your circle of love and enrich your spiritual life. Dr. Steven Pratt, bestselling author of Superfoods Rx, declares, "Ken Nedd makes stress reduction more fun than anyone on the planet. He helps us, in a science-based, enjoyable fashion, learn to control the everyday stress which we all encounter." Joy Bramble, Senior Editor of The Baltimore Times, calls the book "inspiring, practical and uplifting," and Dr. Aziz Vellani dubs it "a must-read book with the power to change your life." Former St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny D. Anthony believes that Dr. Nedd’s "practical, sensitive lessons on happiness touch the heart, inspire the soul and heal the broken spirit," concluding: "This book is just right for these times!" And Thomas J. Marrie, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta, declares that The Time to Be Happy is Now is "A must-read for every medical student that will make the practice of medicine even more rewarding." Among other things, Dr. Nedd’s new book explains: how happiness changes body chemistry, how to acquire the biology of happiness, how the physiological state of happiness improves one’s ability to get a job and keep it, and how happiness and ideal work performance go hand in hand. It details what really happens to one’s body when it’s under stressoffers three types of techniques: how to deal with difficult situations and unpleasant people, how to heighten your emotional skill and build inner strength and how to use the stressors in your life to build a refined and integrated physiology and a happier life.―emotionally, chemically and physiologically. "If left unchecked, unhappiness can undo all the good things you do for your body—like exercise and proper diet—and even interfere with medical treatments," Nedd states. "By adopting these practical and easy-to-follow techniques, you can learn to take control and steer yourself to financial and social success, with a sound, clean, and happy mind." Born in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, Kenford Nedd earned his BS and MD degrees at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He took post-graduate courses at UCLA and University of Chicago and headache and pain courses in London, Toronto and many U.S. cities. A member of the American Headache Society, Dr. Nedd has been in private practice for more than 20 years and is an acknowledged authority in Behavioral Medicine and Stress. For more than 18 years he has taught his stress-reduction techniques to organizations and corporations across North America, including the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors, American Airlines, The Canadian Medical Association, The Canadian Diabetes Association, AT&T, Pfizer, Blue Cross, Bayer Inc., Barclay’s Bank, Bristol Myers and Alcan. In 2004 he published the book Power Over Stress.

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