Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29 - Ellen Sendbeck, Green Barbarians, Jason Bergen, Omar Cantu, Ben Roache,Jack Kosakowaski

Ellen Sandbeck - "Green Barbarians"
THESE DAYS, WE WORRY ABOUT EVERYTHING: pandemic flu, global warming, contaminated toys, the purity of our foods and other products. The abundance of contradictory information out there can make you crazy. In Green Barbarians, Ellen Sandbeck delivers necessary knowledge and sounds a clarion call to arms, urging us to step forward and make informed decisions in order to live happier, safer, and more environmentally responsible lives. Ellen Sandbeck is an organic landscaper, worm wrangler, writer, and graphic artist who lives with (and experiments on) her husband and an assortment of younger creatures — which includes two mostly grown children, a couple of dogs, a small flock of laying hens, and many thousands of composting worms — in Duluth, Minnesota.

Jason Bergen - "10 Things I Hate About Christianity"
Who's going to Hell? Why do bad things happen to good people? Does praying work? Are miracles even happening today? The #1 book featured on ABC News and described as "fascinating and rather risky," 10 Things I Hate About Christianity: Working Through the Frustrations of Faith is geared to help all types of people explore and work through the frustrations of faith. It is an excellent resource for the spiritually curious, new followers of Jesus, and seasoned Christians struggling with disillusionment. We can all feel hate. Even in the good, productive, and meaningful aspects of life, there's frequently a level of frustration that overwhelms us when we are faced with trying to achieve certain goals--like getting in shape, making the grade, or straightening out our finances. This is where I got stuck in my spirituality. Within these pages are the 10 things I've hated about Christianity over the years and how I've worked through my frustrations. I call it the intersection of real life, simple faith, and raw emotion. And I am confident it can help in your own spiritual journey.

Homaro "Omar" Cantu and Ben Roche  "Future Food"
Take Willy Wonka, put him on the set of “MythBusters” and you have the concept of “Future Food.” But it goes a little deeper than blowing stuff up, which Cantu admits to enjoying.  The show tracks the antics of the two technology-obsessed chefs, who run the avant-garde Moto restaurant in the Fulton Market area of Chicago. They seek to change the world from their unorthodox kitchen.  We’re opening people’s eyes to what food could be,” Roche said. “We’re trying to solve problems with very creative solutions in the food world.”  In the pilot, the two address the environmental issue of overfishing by attempting to create seafood dishes - with no fish. They concoct tofu disguised as sea bass and watermelon fashioned into seared tuna. All the while, the two and their team laugh and enjoy the challenge with nary a berating, stressed, belittling celebrity chef in sight.  “It’s about having a good time while we’re doing it,” Cantu said

Jack E. Kosakowski is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of JA Worldwide and President of Junior Achievement USA. Starting as a student in the Junior Achievement program in Toledo, Ohio, he attended the University of Toledo on a Junior Achievement scholarship and has since served in a variety of staff positions with increasing levels of responsibility over the past thirty-five years. He was named Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of JA Worldwide in 2003 and then given additional responsibility as President Junior Achievement USA in 2007. Kosakowski was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve a two-year term on the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy in 2008.

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