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Jeremiah Smallchild / Gideon Lamb "God's Pottery"
Christian singing duo Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb, aka "God's Pottery," didn't just leap onto the comedy scene – they strummed, sang, and smiled their way on! In 2008, the indomitably positive musicians captured the attention of millions on NBC's Last Comic Standing with hits such as "The Pants Come Off When the Ring Goes On" and "Jesus, I Need a Drink!" Now this hit comedy duo is bringing their humor to the literary masses in WHAT WOULD GOD'S POTTERY DO?: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Teens and/or Being Successful! (A Three Rivers Press Original; September 8, 2009). WHAT WOULD GOD'S POTTERY DO? is a teen survival guide for the Youth of Today. Through a combination of essays, diagrams, photos, and stage-ready skits, Gideon and Jeremiah do their darnedest to steer adolescents in the right direction. They've poured their unique blend of comedy, people skills, and Biblical know-how into every page. And WWGPD? isn't just for Teens! People of all ages will find helpful nuggets of information, such as why old people have value! WHAT WOULD GOD'S POTTERY DO? is not just for Christians either, as Jeremiah and Gideon root their advice in common experiences that plague all adolescents, such as:● Sibling Rivalry: When you feel like you and a sibling are about to resort to fighting, a good trick is to "channel" that aggression into other competitive activities, such as "Who can pet the cat the best?" or "Who loves Jesus more than anyone else?"* (*Be careful with this last competition… We have found it can get out of hand quickly.) ● Branching Out: (Bullies: The Silent Killer) You see, most Bullies have a good person inside, like (SPOILER ALERT!) how Anakin Skywalker was hiding inside Darth Vader's robot suite the whole time!* (*Sadly, SPOILER ALERT! Anakin died as soon as he took off the robot helmet. Perhaps this is why Bullies are so scared to "let their guard down.")● Pubescence: Now, you may not know this, but one of the major differences between males and females, aside from the kinds of careers they will have and their likelihood to get hysterical, is a completely different set of "Downstairs Areas." Bob Dylan once sang, "Life is a highway...I want to ride it all night long." Jeremiah and Gideon know that the Youth want to ride that highway too, but until Jesus returns, they're going to need a chaperone! Who better than God's Pottery? Gideon Lamb and Jeremiah Smallchild have starred on television both in the United States and abroad, most recently as finalists on NBC's Last Comic Standing. When they're not on tour, Jeremiah loves to spend time with his Shetland pony-dog, Zaccheus, while Gideon loves to read about magical places and then imagine he's playing pick-up basketball with Jesus in those places.

Andrew Weil, MD - "Why Our Health Matters"
Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of natural health who has devoted the past thirty years to developing, practicing, and teaching others about the principles of integrative medicine. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, Dr. Weil has dedicated a lifetime to practicing integrative medicine, giving him a unique approach to health acre, encompassing body, mind and spirit. Healthcare is no longer just a public issue; for millions of Americans it is now a crisis on their own doorstep. Cost of medical care today are a leading cause of personal bankruptcy. Although policy makers have weighed in on all sides, in this book, bestselling author Andrew Weil, M.D., identifies the root of the problem. He shows us exactly how we have become embroiled in the present situation and provides a solution that will not only make healthcare affordable, but will also put each one of us on the road to optimum health. Dr. Weil states that we have a right to good healthcare that is effective, accessible, and affordable. Many Americans would be surprised to know that our national health is far from the best in the world, even though we spend more money on it than any other country. The World Health Organization recently rated America thirty-seventh in health outcomes, on par with Serbia. Tackling head-on the Three Major Myths of American Medicine, Dr. Weil shows how medical schools fail to give future doctors the education they need to care for patients, how insurance companies have destroyed our opportunity to get excellent care, and how pharmaceutical companies have come to rule our lives. The solution involves nothing less than the creation of a completely new culture of health and medicine in this country, one that we can each start building today.

Bryan Berg - Guinness World Record Holder Cardstacker
Bryan Berg broke the Guinness World Record for the World's Tallest House of Cards in 1992 at the age of seventeen, with a tower fourteen feet, six inches tall. His latest record-holding structure in the category is over twenty-five feet tall. In 2004, Guinness created a new record category for the World's Largest House of Cards to recognize a project Berg built for Walt Disney World--a replica of Cinderella's Castle. He continues to hold both records. Touring regularly, Berg has stacked cards in virtually every major US and Canadian city, Japan, Denmark, and Germany.Berg has appeared on CNN, 20/20, MTV, VH1, Showtime, The Discovery Channel, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart Unsifted, Guinness Prime Time, CBS This Morning, and various foreign television. His work has been featured in nearly every major newspaper nationwide in addition to publications such as Wired, Reader's Digest, Men's Health, USA Today, Games Magazine, Maxim, The National Enquirer, National Geographic For Kids, Time Magazine for Kids, ESPN Magazine, ASK Magazine, and 321 Contact. He has also been featured in publications across Europe, Asia, and South America. Berg's clientele have included Lexus, Walt Disney World, Star Wars, San Francisco Opera, Neopets/Wizards of the Coast, Fuji Television Japan, Post Cereal, Pinnacle Brands, Topps, Baseball Hall of Fame, DMG World Media, and Procter and Gamble. Projects have also been produced with organizations such as Warner Brothers, Beijing Olympics, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, American Airlines, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League.

Kevin Skinner "America's Got Talent $1 Million Winner
Kevin Skinner flew the coop with the grand prize on "America's Got Talent." The singing chicken farmer from Mayfield, Ky., was awarded the NBC talent competition's $1 million grand prize and a headlining spot at a Las Vegas show. Skinner received the most viewer votes on Wednesday's season finale, overcoming runner-up Barbara Padilla, an opera singer from Houston, and eight other finalists. The win brought Skinner to tears. "I've always loved to perform," he said. "I want to go out there, and give 'em the best show I can." The humble country singer will headline an "America's Got Talent" show at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino hosted by Jerry Springer in October. Skinner beat out music quartet Recycled Percussion from Goffstown, N.H.; crooning trio the Texas Tenors from Houston; and singing sibling act Voices of Glory from Highland, N.Y., to win the show's fourth season. Earlier in the evening, half the finalists were dismissed from the talent competition: breakdancer Hairo Torres from Grants Pass, Ore.; crooner Lawrence Beamen from Walnut Creek, Calif.; power tap-dancing sisters the Fab Five from Morgan, Utah; singer-guitarist Drew Stevyns from Sykesville, Md.; and 75-year-old comedian Grandma Lee from Jacksonville, Fla.

Jud D. Hale Sr - Editor - Old Farmer's Almanac
In Sept. 15, 2009, Judson D. Hale Sr. begins his 52nd year with The Old Farmer's Almanac and Yankee Magazine. He joined Yankee Publishing Inc. in 1958 as an Assistant Editor. Later he became Associate Editor, then Managing Editor, and, in 1970, Editor of both publications. (Incidentally, Hale was only Yankee Magazine's second Editor since 1935 and The Old Farmer's Almanac's twelfth Editor since 1792.) In 2000, Jud became Editor-in-Chief of both Yankee Magazine and The Old Farmer's Almanac. In his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of The Old Farmer's Almanac
and Editor of Yankee Magazine, Hale has appeared each fall on radio and television shows throughout North America, including "The Today Show," "Good Morning America," "CBS This Morning," and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." "I always work to further the mission of The Old Farmer's Almanac, which is to be useful with a pleasant degree of humor," explains Hale. Hale is the author of Inside New England and his autobiography, titled The Education of a Yankee. He has also edited a number of books, including The Best of Yankee Magazine, The Best of The Old Farmer's Almanac: The First 200 Years, and, more recently, The Old Farmer's Almanac Book of Everyday Advice, published by Random House. He has also written a book about his autistic brother. Born in Boston and raised on a dairy farm in Vanceboro, Maine, Hale graduated from Dartmouth College (Class of 1955) in 1958. He also served with the Third Armored Division as a tank commander from 1955 to 1957. He is married to the former Sally Huberlie of Rochester, New York. They have three married sons, Judson Jr., Daniel, and Christopher, and seven grandchildren.

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  1. Kevin Skinner is a nice guy and all, but there is no way he should have won that entire AGT competition