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Freeman Hall "RETAIL HELL: How I Sold My Soul to the Store, Confessions of a Tortured Sales Associate" Freeman Hall (Los Angeles, CA) is a retail survivor who began slaving in retail at the age of twenty at Macy’s. His most notable retailicious experience was with specialty clothing store Nordstrom, where he spent fifteen years as an award-winning handbag manager and salesperson. Check out for his blog, videos, sounding board, and more. Enter Freeman Hall, an aspiring screenwriter who sets out to realize his Hollywood dream, but instead plunges into the seventh circle of Retail Hell when the rent comes due, selling animal-hide Hobos and overpriced clutches to Lookie-Loos and Picky Bitches—but always with a sunshiny smile. Freeman toils in the handbag (that’s handbag, NOT purse) department of the Big Fancy department store, where he sees, hears, smells (and unfortunately, feels) it all! Here, he provides a true—and truly shocking—account of life from the other side of the handbag display. From early-morning RA-RA RALLIES to the craziest crazy-lady customers, Freeman’s horrific and hilarious workday tales redefine Juicy Couture.

Karina Smirnoff "Dancing with the Stars”
One of ”Dancing with the Stars" most famous faces, dancer Karina Smirnoff~who has graced the dance floor with Mario Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Rocco DiSpirito, singer Mario, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak~has delighted more than 30 million viewers throughout the nation every week! Having been ranked the second best dancer in the entire world, Karina, who has appeared on the hugely popular television series “Hannah Montana” with Miley Cyrus and in the feature film “Shall We Dance” with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, is a five-time U.S. National Champion, and has won the prestigious dance championships of the U.S. Open, the Asian Open, and the UK Open! Born and raised in the Ukraine and then later raised in New York City, Karina, who is an enthusiastic participant in charity work and events, began dancing at the young age of five and studied gymnastics, ballet, figure skating, piano, and ballroom dancing. Karina is currently writing a book and developing a set of three DVD exercise videos that incorporate her passion for dance, exercise, and wellness to be marketed toward children, teenagers, adults, and expectant mothers. Why is ADHD an important health subject for adults? Based on a survey of 3,199 adults aged 18 to 44, an estimated 4.4 percent of adults may have ADHD. When you consider the full U.S. population aged 18 and older, this adds up to almost 10 million adults. Although ADHD can affect people of all ages, the core symptoms of the disorder (inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity) may manifest differently in adults than in children. In adults, hyperactivity may manifest as inner restlessness and inattention may present as a lack of focus and organization and an inability to finish tasks.

Christopher Hodapp "Freemasons For Dummies"
At last, a plain-English guide to Freemasonry - the secret society that's at the center of bestselling author Dan Brown's forthcoming novel "The Lost Symbol!!" With Freemasonry featured prominently in The Da Vinci Code as well as the hit movie National Treasure, it's no wonder that more and more people are curious about this ancient organization, and interest is sure to intensify when Dan Brown's new blockbuster appears on September 15. Freemasons For Dummies (Wiley, $19.99), written by Freemasons expert, Christopher Hodapp, is a balanced, eye-opening guide that demystifies the organization, explaining everything from its elaborate rituals and cryptic rights to the veiled symbols and their meanings. For anyone who wants an evenhanded overview of Freemasonry's past, present, and future, Freemasons For Dummies is the key! Hodapp will discuss• Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol, and the role of freemasons in it• the Freemasons philosophy• how this fraternal order operates and degrees of Freemasonry• famous Masons throughout history including many of America's Founding Fathers and prominent politicians and business leaders• the many controversies and conspiracy theories that swirl around the organization and highlights changes to the Craft
Like all For Dummies books, Freemasons For Dummies concludes with "The Part of Tens," including "Ten Groups of Famous Masons," "Ten Amazing Conspiracies, Anti-Masons, and Hoaxes," and "Ten Cool Masonic Places." A helpful "Cheat Sheet" gives definitions of a dozen and one important genetics terms, the structure of DNA, important ratios to recognize and more. About the author: Christopher Hodapp is a Mason who has traveled extensively, reporting on Masonic practices in Great Britain, France, and elsewhere. He is currently a Past Master and a Master of his lodge. He's the author of Solomon's Builders: Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the Secrets of Washington D.C., and co-author of The Templar Code For Dummies. He has also written for Templar History Magazine, Masonic Magazine, The Scottish Rite Journal, The Indiana Freemason, and Indianapolis Monthly, and he's a monthly columnist for Living Naturally First magazine. Chris has also spent more than 20 years as a commercial filmmaker.

Steve Wilkos "The Steve Wilkos Show"
Steve Wilkos is the host of NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution's nationally syndicated series "The Steve Wilkos Show." A native of Chicago, Wilkos served his country in the U.S. Marine Corps for almost seven years before joining the Chicago Police Department. For almost 12 years, he kept the streets of Chicago's volatile 14th District (Shakespeare) safe while moonlighting during his off hours on television. Wilkos retired from the police force in 2001 and now devotes himself full time to his family and his show. Prior to starting a show of his own, Wilkos filled in for Jerry Springer as host of the long-running "Jerry Springer Show" on more than 50 episodes, using his law enforcement background and no-nonsense style to create his own identity as a talk show host. Touted as a man of and for the people, Wilkos’ popularity has skyrocketed and his sincerity and moral fiber have made for a very diverse fan base that includes people from all walks of life. When not watching cartoons with his two young children, Wilkos makes time to catch his favorite show of all time, "The Simpsons," for which he lent his voice for a cameo on a past episode (a milestone he proudly calls "the highlight of my career so far.") Wilkos has also appeared in several TV shows and films, including the hit motion picture "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." In 2008, Wilkos became a national spokesman for USA CARES, a charitable organization dedicated to providing financial guidance to post 9/11 active duty U.S. military service personnel, veterans and their families. “I am honored to be associated with USA CARES, and fully support their vision of providing the tools to sustain military personnel and their families,” says Wilkos. A huge sports fan, Wilkos can be spotted at various professional sporting events in his free time, such as baseball, basketball and football games. Wilkos and his wife, Rachelle Wilkos, who is executive producer of "The Steve Wilkos Show" and "The Jerry Springer Show," have two young children and live in Connecticut. THE STEVE WILKOS SHOWNational Syndication (Check local listings)

Rabbi Irwin Kula "Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life"
Irwin Kula, the host of Simple Wisdom, is not your typical rabbi. Known as both a provocative religious leader and a respected spiritual iconoclast, Irwin Kula has inspired thousands nationwide using Jewish wisdom in ways that speak to modern life. A renowned thinker, teacher, and rabbi, he is the author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life (Hyperion, Sept. 2006) winner of a "Books for a Better Life" award, and selected by Spirituality & Health magazine as one the "10 Best Spiritual Books of 2006" and was featured in a national public TV pledge special, "The Hidden Wisdom of Our Yearnings." A leader of religious pluralism, Kula says that the "freedom and openness of America invites us to bring our traditions to the marketplace of ideas. The challenge is to translate these wisdoms into accessible American idioms that inspire and improve our personal and public lives." A regular on NBC-TV’s The Today Show, and co-host of the popular weekly radio show, Hirschfield and Kula: Intelligent Talk Radio, airing on KXL in Portland, OR - one of the top 25 markets nationwide, Kula offers a perspective often missing in the media. Named by both Fast Company magazine and "Religion and Ethics Newsweekly" (PBS) as one of the new leaders shaping the American spiritual landscape, he was ranked two years in a row (no.8, and no.7, respectively) in the "Top 50 Rabbis in America," in Newsweek. In 2004, he wrote and was featured in Time for a New God, an acclaimed documentary shown at film festivals nationwide. Filmed as a moving monologue along the beaches, wharves, and roller coasters of Coney Island, he offers religion as a "giant tool box" for personal and social transformation. In 2003, he hosted a first-ever 13-part public TV series produced by JTN Productions, “Simple Wisdom with Irwin Kula,” using Jewish wisdom to explore such life issues as relationships, money, work, and sex. Kula is the President of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, a leadership training institute, think tank and resource center. A popular media spokesperson, he has appeared on "The O’Reilly Factor" (Fox News), was a repeat guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and was featured on "Frontline" (PBS) on the anniversary of 9/11, among many others. A panelist for the Washington Post/Newsweek - "On Faith" online column, he was a regular on the Hallmark Channel’s New Morning show. A nationally recognized educator and lecturer, Kula serves as a consultant to both corporate and family foundations, as well as to religious and philanthropic institutions and non-profit agencies on leadership development and institutional change. A sought-after speaker, he has worked with such luminaries as the Dalai Lama and Queen Noor on compassionate leadership, and has traveled and taught Jewish wisdom in places as diverse as France, Italy, Bhutan, and Rwanda. He is in great demand by leaders from such diverse fields as business, technology, relationships, and religion. Kula is the co-editor of The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices: CLAL’s Guide to Everyday & Holiday Rituals and Blessings (Jewish Lights, 2001), and co-founder of the Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living in Chicago. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Columbia University, his B.H.L. from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (JTSA) in NY, and his M.A. in Rabbinics and Rabbinic Ordination from JTSA. He has served as rabbi of congregations in St. Louis, MO; Queens, NY; and Jerusalem, Israel. Email:

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