Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/30 - Doctor Michael Ramsay , Andrew Sharon, Bruce Steart, Larry Lipson,

Doctor Michael Ramsay  "The July Effect"
New research shows that the “July effect” is real. There really is a greater chance of dying in the hospital during the month of July. That’s the word from researchers at UC San Diego. The scary statistics keep adding up. Thousands of people already in the hospital die of preventable problems.
The 2010 Patient Safety in American Hospitals study [published by HealthGrades] says more than 99-thousand patient deaths in U.S. hospitals could have been prevented. A new study by the University of California at San Diego [published in the latest edition of the Journal of General Internal Medicine] is now calling attention to the spike in fatal hospital errors during the month of July [known as the “July Effect”].  Our Guest is Dr. Michael Ramsay, anesthesiologist and respected expert in the fields of blood and pain management. He will discuss how new medical advancements and technologies are making lifesaving differences at hospitals across America. Each day, over 40,000 patient safety incidents occur at U.S. hospitals—costing $8.9B in excess healthcare costs. *Even a single incident increases the risk of death to 1 in 10. Deaths due to preventable errors spike during the month of July as new medical school graduates begin their residencies. Some hospitals are using new noninvasive, wireless medical technologies as a ‘safety net’ to directly prevent these deaths and injuries. Find out about these patient ‘safety nets’ and how they can protect you/your loved one.

Andrew Sharon  President - Practecol
Practecol is the first home sustainability brand with a cohesive collection of superior, simple-to-install-and-use products that promote sustainability. Our company equips consumers with the tools needed to reduce their environmental impact at home while saving money. Even our packaging is eco-friendly. Every Prac-Pac™ is recyclable, recycled or biodegradable. Practecol uses 80% post consumer waste, prints with renewable, soy-based inks, and all plastic packaging is derived from corn. Andrew has graciously agreed to give a few of these unique products to our listeners .  The first winner can be you if you call 800-336-2225 right now and tell us what Practecal product you would like.  800-336-2225.   Producst to be given away:  Refrigerator Energy Savings Kit – includes temperature monitor, door alarm and coil cleaner, providing $34 annual savings. Retail price: $19.99  /  Remote Control 8 Outlet Surge Strip – stops wasted standby power and protects devices by pressing the remote control, providing $84 annual savings. Retail price: $19.99 / Foot Switch 6 Outlet Surge Strip – stops wasted standby power and protects devices with simple tap of the foot, providing $84 annual savings. Retail price: $14.99  Andrew Sharon is the president of Practecol, the first home sustainability brand to offer a cohesive collection of simple, easy-to-use products that reduce our energy and water bills while protecting the environment. Sharon’s interest in innovation began at Northwestern University where he received an honors degree in mathematics and economics. He also holds an executive master’s of business administration from Washington University’s Olin School of Business. Before leading Practecol, Sharon was president of The Nu-Era Group, a leading retail display company, in St. Louis. Practecol is sold at Target stores and on Target.com.

Bruce Stewart -CEO - KGBanswers.com
‘Teen grils" aren’t the only texting fiends these days. Mom, dad and adults of all ages are texting like crazy and believe it or not, you can accomplish some useful things in your life by texting. From traffic updates to transferring money, even ordering food to go, texting is growing up. Bruce Stewart is a mobile technology expert and CEO of KGBanswers.com, and he can explain some of the surprising tasks you can accomplish by texting, and how to get an answer to any question on any subject, at any time of day or night! Talk with Mobile Technology Expert, Bruce Stewart, who will explain how texting is no longer just a teenager's toy, but instead an important and efficient tool for busy adults. He will fill you in on all the coolest, must-know texting secrets and give you a live demonstration of how you can get immediate answers and information - and he'll answer all your questions about how to get the most out of texting today.  Bruce Stewart is the CEO of the global mobile & digital division of the world’s largest independent provider of online and mobile directory assistance and enhanced information services, kgb. His extensive background includes managing Yahoo!'s mobile ,PC desktop, and broadband business in the Americas.

Larry Lipson - From Costa Rica

Former LA Daily News Food Columnist (50 Years) Larry Lipson is live and direct from his research Institute in Costa Rica. He will talk about wine food and the good life and will have comments and comparisons between his new adventure.

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