Monday, August 9, 2010

8/10 - Lindsay Albanese, Gordon Hunt,

LINDSAY ALBANESE (Judge, Oxygen's "Hair Battle Spectacular")
Fantasy hair is all about pushing the limits of traditional hairstyling. It can include the use of clothing, ornaments, and props to achieve the desired look, and it's almost always pulled to the top of the head. Fantasy hair competition -- which has been around for decades -- pits contestants against each other to create a total look of hair, makeup, and clothing in a limited amount of time.  Hosted by actress Brooke Burns, this competition series pits 10 of America’s hottest stylists against each other to see who can deliver the biggest and best in fantasy hair design.  Part sculpture and part pop art, each challenge requires contestants to create outrageous coifs that resemble everything from multi-layer wedding cakes to toys with moveable pieces. The stylists then enter the ring to present their hair creations in a fully produced, dramatic and stylized performance. After each challenge, the judges -- award-winning fantasy hair designer Derek J, celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese and a rotating guest judge -- critique the designers on creativity, execution and overall presentation.   In addition to blow-by-blow drama in the arena, there is also the day-to-day drama between the cohabitating stylists who fight each week to stay in the game and win the ultimate prize of $100,000.   "Hair Battle Spectacular" is produced by 3 Ball Productions with JD Roth, Todd Nelson, Adam Greener, and Mike Nichols serving as executive producers.

Gordon Hunt  -   National Watermelon Promotion Board
Watermelon is for everyone all year round. It is sweet, juicy, bright and fun! It's not just for summer. It's not just for slicing. The National Watermelon Promotion Board wants to tell everyone about watermelon's versatility, its health benefits, and its availability year round.  Whatever your mood, there's a watermelon dish to suit it. Search our recipe database for everything from salsa and smoothies to pancakes and sandwiches. Any time of day is the right time of day to enjoy watermelon. Do you know you can carve a watermelon to make a great basket for fruit salad or centerpiece for a party?   Don't be fooled - watermelon is nutritious and delicious! Packed with vitamins and minerals, this Lycopene Leader is a healthy snack that benefits the whole family. Picking the right melon and storing it correctly are important. Learn all our fun facts, varieties, history, how watermelon grow and production statistics here. Visit a local watermelon festival near you.

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