Sunday, August 15, 2010

8/16 - Aarti Sequeira , Paula Munier, Sofía Vergara

Aarti Sequeira  - Next Food Network Star
Aarti, 31 (Los Angeles, Calif.), a former CNN producer who later trained at The New School of Cooking in Los Angeles, experiments adventurously with Indian flavors and incorporates them into American classics. She has taught at her alma mater and now has an online cooking show called “Aarti Paarti.” Born in India and raised in Dubai, Aarti draws culinary inspiration from her cultural background, her mother and never-ending food experiments. The star of her own food blog brought that passion for cooking in front of the cameras, overcoming more experienced chefs and self doubt. Her culinary point of view is infusing Indian flavors and techniques into everyday American cooking.  The final challenge was taping a three minute pilot (directed by Food Network personality Rachael Ray), which would then be judged by a focus group. Sequeira's nerves were almost her undoing for a bit there, but after a little advice from Ray, she pulled it together and delivered a charming and upbeat pilot. All three finalists received positive reactions from the focus group, although one person mentioned Sequeira seemed to be rushing.  She won't get to rest on her laurels for long. In a week's time, her show "Aarti Paarti" will debut on the Food Network. We're not too worried about Pizzica or Mesa. Their high energy personalities will no doubt make an appearance on Food Network or its sister network, The Cooking Channel, before long.

Paula Munier "Fixing Freddie"
Paula Munier has been a dog person her whole life. Raised by a father with a penchant for Weimaraners, Vizslas, and Great Danes, she got her first dog of her own on her tenth birthday--a black miniature poodle named Rogue. Since then she has shared her life with numerous dogs, cats, fish, and a bearded lizard, all of which together caused far less trouble than just one small beagle named Freddie. There are bad dogs--and then there are bad beagles. In this hilarious and heartwarming memoir, single mother Paula Munier takes on the world's worst beagle--and loses every time. She tries everything to fix Freddie--but nothing really works. As her youngest son grows up and prepares to leave her soon-to-be empty nest, Paula's worst fear is that after more than thirty years of raising kids, she'll be left all alone--with Freddie.

Sofia Vergara -  Gloria Delgado-Pritchett "Modern Family"
Sofía Vergara was already one of the hottest Hispanic TV stars and one of the most beloved personalities of the Latino world when she decided to pursue her career in the U.S., becoming one of the few Hispanic stars to find crossover success. Most recently Vergara has appeared in Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns and Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail for Lionsgate, and on ABC's Dirty Sexy Money. Before that she played the sexy Colombian actress who stirred things up on Entourage, starred in Amas de Casa Desesperadas, the Latin-tailored version of Desperate Housewives, and in the FOX comedy feature Chasing Papi.  Director Barry Sonnenfeld gave Vergara her big break in the U.S. when he cast her as Nina in Disney's comedy film, Big Trouble, with Tim Allen and Rene Russo. That was followed by a pivotal dramatic role opposite James Marsden in Anthony Piccirillo's independent film, The 24th Day, and opposite Mark Wahlberg and Terrence Howard in Four Brothers. On stage she is taking on the role of Matron Mama Morton in the Chicago Broadway tour this Spring. ergara has graced the cover of over 100 international magazines and hosted dozens of top Hispanic events, each watched by more than 100 million viewers. Her Hispanic television credits include Fuera de Serie on Univisión and her own top-rated weekly show,"A que no te atreves" (I dare you). When she became the host of "La Bomba," a syndicated music and interview TV show, she caused a ratings explosion.  In 1999 Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú awarded Vergara the Hispanic Woman of the Year Award, commending her leadership skills representing the qualities Latina women have to offer to the world. In 2001 she created "Peace and Hope for the Children of Colombia," a charity foundation that has helped thousands of children in her country and has donated a pediatric cancer pavilion in her native Barranquilla.  In 2002 Vergara was awarded the Women of Hope Award by the City of Hope Organization as one of the outstanding role models for future generations. In 2007 she was named one of The 25 Most Powerful Hispanic Women in the Entertainment Industry by The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. In addition to sharing her red carpet secrets, Sofia will explain to them how she is letting America choose the hairstyle she will sport when walking the red carpet and how they can vote online, enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards and fabulous swag bags, and receive tips for achieving their favorite hairstyle at the same time. Sofia’s dress will be auctioned off by Clothes Off Our Back after the awards’ ceremony on ; and Sofia will chat about her support for Clothes Off Our Back and how they can support the non-profit charity.

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