Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3 - Don Whittemore,

"Dandy" Don Whitttemore - Ice Cream Maven
Yes, Virginia, there is a Dandy Don. He sits quietly in his office smoking a cigar as you read this. So who is he? Below you can read the biography of this man and the company he built. Don Whittemore is a funny man with a huge personality who loves to make people happy. Good thing he makes ice cream, huh? Once Upon A Time (circa 1962 – 67), Don was a stand-up comedian. He worked under the name Don Harris in Atlanta, Miami Beach & Newport, KY. If you have some free time one day, ask him to tell you some jokes. The next part of this biography starts just after that but still long long ago, in the Time Before CDs. Don was in the record business. He convinced DJs to play records by Frank Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, David Bowie, and Cat Stevens (to name a few). Some of those records went gold. In 1981 Don and his lovely wife Linda (pregnant with their second child) bought an ice cream shop in Tarzana, California called The Creamery. They thought it would be a gold mine. They were wrong. So they worked their keesters off, got into the wholesale business, and began a catering division. This is how the catering division of their company—now with over 1,000 customers—got its start.

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