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Steve Alten - "MEG: Hell's Aquarium"
For shark enthusiasts, the summer of 2009 is shaping up to be a killer. It begins with the world premiere of The Shark Is Still Working, an ambitious documentary about the impact and legacy of JAWS. Narrated by the late Roy Scheider, who played Chief Martin Brody, the film chronicles the movie’s production from start to finish and features one-on-one interviews with Steven Spielberg, as well as the surviving members of the cast and crew. Created by independent film makers James Gelet, Jake Gove, Erik Hollander, and J. Michael Roddy, the film contains never-before-seen footage along with commentary from some of the hottest filmmakers of this generation, who discuss how Jaws helped shape the elements of pop culture. The film opens this weekend, May 2 -3 at the LOS ANGELES UNITED FILM FESTIVAL, Los Feliz 3 Cinemas, 1822 Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. Jaws screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, production designer Joe Alves, and legendary makeup effects artist, Gregory Nicotero will be on hand for Q&A. Nicotero will be bringing a life-sized replica of the head portion of "Bruce" the shark to display for photos. in the documentary is an interview with NYT best-selling author Steve Alten, whose Meg series has brought visceral thrills to a new generation of shark enthusiasts. Meg, short for Carcharodon megalodon, was a 70-foot, 70,000 pound prehistoric version of the Great White shark featured in Jaws. On May 19th, Alten's highly-anticipated fourth Meg novel, MEG: Hell's Aquarium will debut in bookstores, and reviewers agree it is the best story in the series, featuring some of the nastiest sea monsters ever to have lived.

Karin Winegar " SAVED Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform."
Be Kind to Animals Week was officially last week May 3-9.

Karin Winegar is a writer for the New York Times , Wall Street Journal and others and author of the best-selling new book " SAVED Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform."
• Why interacting with animals improves your physical and emotional health
• The number one thing you can do to help animals in the US right now
• Why people who rescue animals get back much more than they give
• How she came to write SAVED and why Jane Goodall wrote the foreward for the book

Wanda Col√≥n - actor and co-host of HGTV’s 24 Hour Design
Her work is featured on HGTV’s Designers’ Challenge, Rate My Space and Designing for the Sexes. Along with the popular 24 Hour Design Wanda can currently be seen co-hosting TLC’s Home Made Simple. She is also working on a project with Jake Steinfeld, creator of the “Body by Jake” fitness franchise.

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