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Mark Frobose—Founder "Behind the Wheel"
“How to Learn Spanish in 10 Seconds Flat.” Even if you or your listeners have never before spoken a phrase in another language, Mark Frobose guarantees that he will have you speaking your first Spanish words in just ten seconds, using the teaching methods that have made Behind the Wheel so successful. A brief interview with Frobose, teaching a few Spanish phrases and discussing increased interest among many Americans in learning Spanish, would be an entertaining, informative segment to recognize and celebrate the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo next week.Mark Frobose is a nationally known, multi-lingual foreign language expert and author who has appeared on “Dennis Miller Radio”, “Martha Stewart Living Radio”, “Good Day New York” (FOX-TV), and many regional and local radio shows nationwide; he has also been interviewed by the Associated Press about Behind the Wheel, for a recent AP article on the best methods for learning a foreign language.

Soap opera star Caitlin Van Zandt was one of the millions of women more than 100 pounds overweight and at risk of heart disease due to her weight. Her wake up call came when – at only 22 years old – Caitlin’s physician considered putting her on cholesterol medication. Scared for her health and for her mother’s, who was also significantly overweight, Caitlin shared a heartfelt moment with her mother and they decided to embark on a weight-loss journey to reduce their health risks. After years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts, Caitlin has finally found success! In the last year, Caitlin has lost nearly 90 pounds with the assistance of a gastric band. And, thanks to the weight loss, Caitlin’s bad cholesterol level is no longer dangerously high. Tackling the obesity epidemic takes heart. This Mother’s Day, Caitlin and Lisa M. Tate, chief executive officer of WomenHeart, hope to educate the millions of women more than 100 pounds overweight that their weight is putting them at risk of deadly heart disease – and how the path to long-term weight loss can start with a single conversation. They will encourage women to find the tools and support to help them on their journey. In interviews on May 5, Caitlin will talk about how she was able to confront her and her mother’s health risks. Ms. Tate will discuss the importance of women knowing heart disease risk factors and steps they can take to manage the controllable ones. They know that, this Mother’s Day, a heartfelt moment with a woman you love could save her life. Caitlin Van Zandt (born July 17, 1985 in New York City) is an American actress. She is best known for her current role on Guiding Light as Ashlee Wolfe.

Lifestyle Expert, Lissa Coffey
A good night’s sleep may seem like a farfetched dream for millions of Americans. Stress, stemming from financial hardship, job woes, and the ailing economy, is robbing many of much needed rest.
Welcome to CoffeyTalk, the online magazine by lifestyle expert Lissa Coffey. Whether you’re looking for
dating or relationship advice, or the latest in home and fashion trends, CoffeyTalk is an inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style! Author Lissa Coffey is a lifestyle expert who offers dating and relationship advice. She is the coffeytalk barista, serving up an inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style. A frequent guest on radio and TV, Lissa’s keen insight into interpersonal and cultural dynamics offers guidance for anyone looking to fill the void in their harried lives.

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