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Ali Vincent - Winner Season Six of "The Biggest Loser" (NBC)
Getting back in the gym and erasing years of bad eating habits is never easy. Losing large amounts of weight because your health depends on it is even harder. Just ask Ali Vincent whose amazing weight loss and dedication to a healthy lifestyle made her the very first female winner on the hit TV series “The Biggest Loser” back during season five (2007) Ali turned her life around by losing an amazing 112 pounds and just as importantly improved her health and quality of life. 2 years later the weight has remained off and her quality of life has remained great. She is one of the few people that happily calls herself a loser and travels the country promoting healthy lifestyles through exercise and proper eating habits. Recently she wowed attendees at the GNC nutrition convention in Las Vegas by showing eager attendees how exercise and utilizing proper nutritional habits such as incorporating nutritional supplements like Designer Whey, America’s #1 selling protein product, can make the difficult desk of losing weight and become healthier a little easier.

Alison Rhodes "The Safety Mom"
“The Safety Mom” Alison Rhodes, is the nation’s most famous expert on family safety and healthy living and is always on the lookout for all issues facing families~from newborns to teens to adult children and parents.

Greg Lang "Why a Son Needs a Dad: 100 Reasons"
lives in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. His other books include the New York Times bestseller Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, Why a Daughter Needs a Mom, Why a Son Needs a Mom, Why I Love You, Why We Are Friends, Life Maps, Thank You, Mom, and Thank You, Dad. The second book in the Family Matters series, Why a Son Needs a Dad is a reminder of the many things a father has learned from his own father that he passes on to his own sons as they share in the adventure of life and build a bond that lasts for life.

Dr. Bob Davis - Chief Entomologist Termite and Ant Institutes
According to a recent survey, a majority of Americans fear bugs as much as they do natural disasters. From termites to spiders and carpenter ants to bed bugs, homeowners across the country get itchy at just the thought of these critters invading their homes. And, now that summer will be here in just a few weeks most of us have started to see the arrival of creepy crawlers both inside and outside our homes. But it’s the ones that we don’t see that could be our greatest cause for concern

Known as "Van the Man" by his fans, Morrison started his professional career when, as a young teenager in the late 1950s, he played a variety of instruments, including the guitar, harmonica, keyboards, and saxophone, in a range of
Irish showbands who covered the popular hits of the day, before rising to prominence in the mid-1960s as the lead singer of the gritty Northern Irish R&B band Them and with the release of the hit single "Brown Eyed Girl" in 1967.

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