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Gregg Dobbs  "Life in the Wrong Lane"
Greg Dobbs worked at ABC News for 23 years, first as a producer, then for most of his career as a correspondent, including ten years overseas. He covered major domestic and foreign stories including the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the first Gulf War, the revolution and then the occupation of the US embassy in Iran, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the civil war in and the ejection of the PLO from Beirut, the Iran-Iraq war, and the civil war and deaths of IRA hunger-strikers in Northern Ireland. Dobbs won two national Emmy Awards in the process, the first for "Best Spot News Coverage on a Network" for coverage of a terrible earthquake in Italy in 1980, the other for "Best Network Documentary" in 1989 for a documentary on the environmental poisoning of America. He also received the "Distinguished Service Award" from the Society of Professional Journalists. When ABC asked him in 1992 to move from his home in Colorado's Rocky Mountains to New York City, it took him approximately one nanosecond to say no. That led to a second career as a radio talk show host, a newspaper opinion columnist, and the television moderator of an Emmy Award winning discussion program on Rocky Mountain PBS. GregDobbs_studio2In 2003, Dobbs returned to the road as a correspondent for the all high-definition television network HDNet. It put him back on airplanes, reporting documentaries for the program "World Report" from around the country and around the world. He has produced and reported segments for World Report about Agent Orange in Vietnam, terrorism in Lebanon, politics in Russia, the post-Apartheid era in South Africa, wealth in Dubai, autocracy in Venezuela, assisted suicide in Switzerland, dirty water in Indonesia, post-war recovery in Liberia, cocaine in Bolivia, PTSD in the U.S. military, among many others. He has also reported extensively from Israel and the Palestinian territories.Dobbs also is the author of a university-level textbook on writing for broadcasting. It is called Better Broadcast Writing, Better Broadcast News. A native of San Francisco, Dobbs has been married to Carol for more than thirty-five years, and both their grown sons, Jason and Alex, are better skiers for sure, and probably better writers too, than their dad.

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