Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thu Dec 31, 2009


Dr. Harold Katz  "Fresh Breath Doctor" 
So, to start the New Year off right, you're going to hit the gym, the tanning booth and get contact lenses so you can get rid of those librarian glasses.  But what good does being fit and having a better look do if your breath could strip the varnish off a foot locker?  
Dr. Harold Katz, Dentist to the Stars, believes that any new year's makeover needs to include fresher, cleaner breath to be complete.  "Because of the anatomy of our sense of smell, we cannot tell when we have bad breath, unless it's so bad, the dog leaves the room," he said. "The fact is, most people who think their breath is fine are mistaken. Most people don't have an oral hygiene regimen that includes therapy for their breath, and they really should."   Dr. Katz has a wide array of tips to help people maintain fresh, clean breath all day long.

  • What foods cause the worst bad breath?
  • What are the best foods to eat to prevent or minimize bad breath?
  • We know it smells bad, but what exactly is bad breath? 
  • What are the most common causes of bad breath?
  • What are some common signs that you might have bad breath?
  • What is the self-administered bad breath test?
  • Can you avoid morning breath?
  • Can bad breath be a sign that you have other health issues?
  • What are some medications that cause bad breath?
  • Can regular, over-the-counter products treat halitosis?

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