Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tue Dec 22, 2009

Doug Crandell  "Fear Came to Town: The Santa Claus, Georgia Murders"
How is a person supposed to react after a horrible, horrible family tragedy?  There is no right way, and however, a person goes about living their lives in the face of abject tragedy, it's impossible not to sympathize.  There can't be a worse situation for someone in such a situation.  Former American Idol finalist and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson endured the deaths of family members and even worse, so did the public eye.  There are so many others have experienced such tragic events and are never known.  Such is the case with in the small town of Santa Claus, Georgia.  A small town where the streets are name Candy Cane Road and December Drive and Christmas was the life blood of the people, and the holiday spirit lived all year around… UNTIL JERRY SCOTT HEIDLER CAME TO TOWN.  Years ago, Danny and Kim Daniels had taken in Jerry Scott Heidler as a foster child. Kim had grown up within the foster system herself, and she sympathized with the troubled boy. But it soon as became clear that Heidler's problems were far more disturbing than they had thought - and they cut him from their lives.  One terrible night in December 1997, Heidler broke into the home of his former foster family and with methodical madness shot Danny and Kim, teenage Jessica, and eight-year-old Bryant. He then kidnapped and brutalized the three surviving children, abandoning them on a remote dirt road in the dead of winter.  This is the chilling true story of a remorseless sociopath who destroyed the family that tried to rescue him, the trial that exposed his truly monstrous acts, and the town whose very heart was broken forever

Alex Goldfyn - "The Technology Tailor"
In his trademark entertaining and educational style, Alex L. Goldfayn, The Technology Tailor, demystifies technology for millions of consumers each week. He hosts The Technology Tailor Show on WGN Radio, which is heard in 38 states and Canada. It's a low-tech talk show about the latest in consumer electronics. Every Saturday Alex talks live with moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, about shopping for and getting the most out of technology. Alex also co-hosts Good Day Technology Tailor with Dough Stephan. It's an hour-long Saturday morning program explaining technology in the simplest terms possible. On November 1, 2008 Alex launched The Technology Tailor Minute, a syndicated short-program airing on over 320 U.S. radio stations and heard by more than 3.25 million listeners weekly. At least 40 times per year, Alex appears live on television in the largest markets in the U.S. with his top product recommendations. For over five years, he wrote the Chicago Tribune's My Tech column, profiling how people use technology in their every day lives and work. It was distributed to over 300  publications internationally by McLatchey-Tribune News Service. Alex's first book, Going Digital: Simple Tools and Techniques for Sharing and Enjoying your Digital Photos and Home Movies was published in 2006 by HarperCollins.

Ken Kessler   "The Sounds of Christmas"
Ken Kessler has been in radio for over twenty years, including morning shows in Raleigh, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Washington, DC. He became discouraged with traditional radio, particularly the way they handled Christmas music, and launched his own Christmas radio station (www.SoundsofChristmas.com) in 2007. The staggering number of talented singers and musicians that he's met along the way inspired him to connect with John and launch SOC Music. Through SOC Music, Ken is looking forward to getting more artists heard on traditional radio, as well as promoting their work through online radio, social networking sites and whatever comes next! A terrific array of artists to benefit William Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horseshow, featuring exclusive Christmas songs from William Shatner, Huey Lewis and the News, Stephen Bishop and many, many more!

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