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Consumer Tax Advocate Rich Preece - Turbo Tax
Why spend $200 or more to pay someone else to do your taxes for you? More than ever before, taxpayers
Office of Tax and Revenue ... now have easy, do-it-yourself tax preparation options that can save them hundreds of dollars while helping them get their refund back fast. A recent survey conducted by TurboTax found that 82% of people who file taxes in February receive a refund. And that refund averages about $2,700 according to the IRS. What taxpayers need to know, especially in a tight economy when every penny counts, is that they can easily do their own taxes รข€" in many cases for free. And that means they keep their refund in their pocket where it belongs instead of paying someone else to prepare their return.
Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes -
Marsha Bemko is the executive producer of the seven-time Emmy Award-nominated Antiques Roadshow and a popular lecturer who writes regularly for the Antiques Roadshow Insider.  If you're a fan of PBS's top-rated Antiques Roadshow, you've probably wondered -- what would it take to get your family treasure on the program? What happens to the antiques after the show airs? Are the appraisers ever wrong? And will Antiques Roadshow come to my hometown? In this four-color, fully illustrated guide to America's favorite treasure-hunting program, Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes reveals inside information about the participants, the appraisers, the fans, and the antiques that make up the show, direct from the woman who makes it all happen -- executive producer Marsha Bemko. Learn what it really takes to put on a Roadshow event (and why certain
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW TREASUREScities are more likely to get a visit from the show than others), who gets chosen to be on air (and what items producers are really looking for), what it takes to be an appraiser (and how even the experts make mistakes) ... and what happens when things go terribly wrong (such as the occasional antique that turns out to have been stolen!). In addition, learn which books, websites, and resources your favorite appraisers recommend, and get updates on some of the most popular and notorious items ever featured on the show. From priceless tips to the juicy family secrets hidden in dusty heirlooms, Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes is both an invaluable resource and a fascinating slice of Americana.
Super Bowl Commercials - Results! - TiVo Executive Todd Juenger and Elissa Lee of  Tivo's Audience Research and Measurement will be up all night crunching the
Tivo scriptnumbers. That means we can send you the data early in the morning (around 7am EST), and then offer their perspective anytime after. The data comes from TiVo's  ARM (Audience Research and Measurement) department, an aggregation of 20,000 TiVo boxes. We'll  know exactly what commercials were rewatched the most, in addition to how the half-time show compared to others as far as viewer engagement.

WHY HIM? WHY HER?: How to Find and Keep Lasting Love - Helen Fisher
- WHY HIM? WHY HER? provides a new way to understand relationships,
why-him-why-her-michelleromance, sex, and attachment, whether you're searching for love or eager to strengthen the partnership you have. Beginning with a scientifically developed questionnaire that will uncover your primary personality, Dr. Fisher tells you not only what type of person you might be naturally drawn to, but how to achieve genuine intimacy with him or her


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