Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

Gayle Lynds "Watch list"Fans of the TV series 24 will best appreciate this two-part serial thriller written by 22 members of International Thriller Writers. Based on an idea by Deaver (The Broken Window), who provides the opening and closing chapters of each segment, the volume recounts the adventures of middle-aged Harold Middleton, an ex-U.S. military intelligence officer. In  co-founder Gayle Lynds ... part one, The Chopin Manuscript, the discovery of a previously unknown Chopin score leads to murders, betrayals, and frantic efforts to stop a villain code-named Faust from carrying out a terrorist outrage. Part two, The Copper Bracelet, sets Middleton and his allies on the track of a Kashmiri planning the assassination of the U.S. secretary of state. While the contributors include many of the biggest names in the genre (Lee Child, Joseph Finder, Gayle Lynds, S.J. Rozan, etc.), the constraints of the form all but assure homogenized prose, thin characters, and stock action scenes atypical of their solo work

John Lauderdale - CIG Guide to Getting Gvt Contracts
This guide takes the small business owner through the different vehicles of  ... Guide to Getting Governmentthe government procurement process, showing how the government selects a contract winner. It goes step-by-step from registration through the bidding process and beyond. And while the book is weighted to federal contracts, there is plenty of coverage on winning state and local contracts as well. John C. Lauderdale III brings 20 years of proposal and project management experience. He has provided proposal leadership for several major telecommunications companies. He has led or helped prepare proposals for contracts valued at $15 billion with wins in excess of $10 billion. John holds an M.B.A. in Operations Research.

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