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FRONTLINE correspondent Miles O'Brien for "Flying Cheap"
which airs Feb 9 on PBS - The NTSB reported this week that the crash of Continental Flight 3407, outside Buffalo last February, was a result of pilot error and sited 25 new safety recommendations. Although flight 3407 was identified as a Continental flight, it was actually operated by Colgan Air, a
 best episodes of Frontline ... small regional carrier. The first officer on 3407 had made less than $16,000 the previous year and the captain had failed five flight tests and received inadequate training on a critical safety system involved in the crash. The last six fatal crashes in the U.S. were all on regional lines "and as it turns out, nearly half of all national flights today are operated by regional carriers, although most Americans have no idea of this when they buy their tickets or board their flights. In  "Flying Cheap" airing next Tuesday, Feb 9 on PBS, pilot and FRONTLINE correspondent Miles O'Brien examines what happened during the crash of flight 3407 and talks with industry leaders as well as former Colgan Air pilots about the safety problems of major airlines outsourcing to regional carriers to cut costs--a little known trend in the airline industry. And next week, on the anniversary of the crash, the families of those who died on flight 3407 are marching from the crash site to the Buffalo airport, as a way of finishing their loved ones' journeys.

Chad Wasilenkoff - CEO of banknote-maker Fortress Paper
Did you know that there's only one company in the world authorized to produce the Swiss franc banknotes, which are widely considered to be the most secure currency in the world? Jordan Bank NotesMeet Fortress Paper,, (TSX: FTP), an international provider of security and other specialty papers, which is the sole manufacturer of the banknote paper for the Swiss franc. They have also produced banknote papers for over 100 currency denominations for over 25 countries and are one of only nine authorized suppliers of banknote paper for the Euro currency. New security realities in the 21st century have driven the need for ever-improving security features to be included in banknotes, passports, identification cards, checks and certification papers. The proliferation of color copying, scanning and printing technologies require that producers must continue to develop increasingly sophisticated anti-counterfeit solutions. While governments continue to improve the quality of banknote paper, overall banknote circulation has continued to grow as a result of economic activity in developing countries and the introduction of the Euro in Europe. "Counterfeit money printing activity continues in several global hot-spots," reports CSO Magazine.Ten Tips for Finding Time for Relationships  By Rabbi Irwin Kula
Irwin Kula, the host of Simple Wisdom, is not your typical rabbi.  Known as both a provocative religious leader and a respected spiritual iconoclast, Irwin Kula has inspired thousands nationwide using Jewish wisdom in ways that speak to modern life. A renowned
Irwin Kulathinker, teacher, and rabbi, he is the author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life (Hyperion, Sept. 2006) winner of a "Books for a Better Life" award, and selected by Spirituality & Health magazine as one the "10 Best Spiritual Books of 2006" and was featured in a national public TV pledge special, "The Hidden Wisdom of Our Yearnings." A leader of religious pluralism, Kula says that the "freedom and openness of America invites us to bring our traditions to the marketplace of ideas Embrace the messiness of feeling distant from your partner. In all our relationships, particularly with our partner, we constantly move between feeling close and distant. This is the dynamic and energy of love. Do not be scared of distance. It invites us to reflect on where we are in our relationship and on the parts of our life that compete for our attention. 

Jennifer Tuma
While there's no prescription for making love last, the formula for finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift this year is simple. Lifestyle expert Jennifer Tuma shares her favorite Valentine's Day picks that are sure to strike
Happy Valentine's Day To Our ... a chord and make a lasting impression. From choosing stylish jewelry, sweet treats and thoughtful greeting cards, to even planning a sumptuous 'Breakfast in Bed' by candlelight for your loved one. She'll help viewers create the right ambiance for a romantic celebration and make it a' Valentine's Day to Remember!  Jennifer Tuma-Young, founder of Inspirista, author of 'Little Miss Negative', host of a radio show'  Dubbed one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World Magazine, Jennifer has appeared on over 300 radio and television programs as a coach and motivator, and has had recurring segments on Diet TV, Better TV, Rachael Ray, and ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX news! Her articles and tips are featured in outlets such as Martha Stewart Living, Balance Magazine, Healthy Style NY, Yahoo Health, Yahoo Shine, The Learning Annex, Divine Caroline, and iVillage.

John Andretti 
- (twin to Indy car legend Mario Andretti
According to the National Cancer Institute, approximately 10,400 children under age 15 are diagnosed with cancer each year. While great progress has been made in treating childhood cancer, it is still the leading cause of death from disease among U.S. children over one year of age, and cure rates for some childhood cancers remain below 50 percent. Window World, Inc., the largest replacement window company, is  ... What? John Andretti worrylaunching a new fundraising program in partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, one of the world's premier centers for the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood diseases.  Son of racer Aldo Andretti (twin to Indy car legend Mario Andretti), John Andretti had racing streaming through his blood. Despite the rich family history it was John who branched out, and today, has become one of the most versatile drivers on the Andretti racing family tree. He is one of only two drivers to win in two different major racing series and also win two or more major NASCAR Nextel Cup events. On Memorial Day weekend of 1994 Andretti wrote his name in motorsports history by becoming the first driver to run in both the Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola World 600 on the same day, setting a trend that many have attempted but only few have succeeded. Andretti also races for charity and competes in an annual event known as Kroger Race for Riley, to raise money for the Riley Hospital for Children in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana The event is now entering its 14th year and raised more than $1.4 million in the first 13 years. 

Denise Austin - EnergizerDenise Austin is a pioneer in the exercise and sports industry. A five-foot-four-inch dynamo, she has sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVDs, authored 10 books on fitness, and starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television. Denise's trademark zest for life, positive outlook, and can-do attitude have endeared her to millions of fans across the country — and around the world — and earned her the
Fitness guru Denise Austin ... reputation as "America's favorite fitness expert." A multimedia talent, Denise is a top-selling author and a highly sought-after speaker and TV personality. Her upbeat energy and unique ability to make people feel that she's right there with them, cheering them on, have inspired the millions who watch her on television, read her books, or follow her videos and DVDs. A native of San Pedro, Calif., Denise started gymnastics at the age of 12 and earned an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Arizona. In 1979, she graduated from California State University at Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education, with an emphasis on exercise physiology. She began her career teaching aerobic exercise classes in the Los Angeles area and went on to cohost the The Jack LaLanne Show, in 1981. (Denise considers Jack LaLanne one of her role models, and she is delighted to still speak regularly with the 94-year-old fitness legend.) In 1982, she earned her own television program on KABC in Los Angeles and released her first two workout videos, Rock Aerobics and Rock Hard Abs. From 1984 to 1988, she was the fitness expert on NBC's Today Show. During more than 25 years promoting health and fitness, Denise has created 84 workout videos or DVDs. Her enormous number of sales led to her 2003 induction into the Video Hall of Fame. Her latest workout DVDs, Denise Austin Body Burn and Dance With Pilates and Denise Austin Get Fit Daily Dozen: 12 Moves in 12 Minutes, were released in December 2008, and a new book is planned for January 2010.

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