Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11/11-Steve Foster, Leo Pearlstein

Happy Veterans Day!

Steve Foster-CEO  - Co Founder, Lucky Strike Lanes Lounge

Whether in Miami, Washington D.C., Hollywood or New York City, Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge is the preeminent leader in venue based entertainment. The part bowling lounge, part art space creates a relaxed, yet interactive, high energy atmosphere that has developed an organic celebrity following. In 1978, founders Steven & Gillian Foster were the type of people to create something out of nothing – take something common and turn it into something cutting edge. They met in Boston, paring up as dance partners and were married shortly after that.  After graduating from Boston University School of Law, Steven and Gillian moved to New York City. He began a career in corporate law; she in fashion. It was in NYC where the Fosters began to take notice of a roller skating trend; they took the sight of roller skaters skating to pop music in Central Park and turned it into the vision that was Spinoff, an upscale roller disco. They returned to Boston to launch the concept. Spinoff flourished until the late 80’s when the roller skating craze came to an end. Steven, Gillian and their partner Kevin Troy, knowing it was time to create something new, traveled the country looking for inspiration. The Fosters visited several different types of venues before settling on a billiards lounge. At the time, pool halls were known as somewhat shady places, but that was not always the case. The history of billiards is deep-rooted as a refined sport that could be played by experts and novices alike as a social icebreaker. Hollywood was the original Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge location. It opened in 2003 steeped in history with the famous Hollywood sign from Hollywood Star Lanes (featured in The Big Lebowski) proudly displayed. The Foster rescued the interiors of the iconic bowling alley a week before it was to be knocked down to make way for a school. They used lucky lane 7 as the bar top in the new location.  It is part of the uniqueness and detailed touches that are iconic to LSL&L. The Fosters build each location around the idea that the point is not to bowl; the point is to enjoy yourself. Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge is not a bowling alley; it is rather, a lounge with bowling.

Leo Pearlstein - Ms. Cubbisons Best Stuffing Cookbook

When you think of stuffing, you probably picture Thanksgiving, turkey, and traditional dinner fare. But now that people all over the country are enjoying exciting new flavors, from fusion cooking to ethnic cuisine, maybe it's time to add a little pizzazz to your stuffing--and to your everyday meals, as well! Designed to take stuffing to new culinary heights, here is a superb collection of creative recipes from America's number-one stuffing expert, Mrs. Sophie Cubbison. Mrs. Cubbison's Best Stuffing Cookbook is a complete guide to the art of making delicious stuffing. It begins with the basics of preparing stuffing, and then offers one hundred easy-to-make kitchen-tested recipes--from Jambalaya Stuffing to Asian Ginger Stir-Fried, and from Citrus Yam Stuffing to Onion Souffl. Within its "Shaping Up" chapter, you'll learn how to turn stuffing into mouth-watering muffins, pick-up appetizers, and tempting desserts. Mrs. Cubbison has even included delicious low-fat, reduced-calorie recipes! For over sixty years, pioneering chef Mrs. Cubbison reinvented the way we cook with stuffing. Today, her work, her creativity, and her name-sake company live on to reflect our ever-evolving tastes. With Mrs. Cubbison's Best Stuffing Cookbook in hand, you can add a touch of creativity not only to your holiday celebrations, but to every meal that you and your family enjoy.

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