Monday, April 12, 2010

4/13 - Gary Teague, Sarah, Tim O'Shaughnessy, Gene Crayton, Melissa Morgan,

Gary Teague - "Green Cattle Rancher" 
As the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day nears…40 INTERESTING WAYS Cattle Farmers AND RANCHERS PRESERVE THE LAND Gary Teague and his wife, Laura, started Teague Diversified, Inc. in 1994 when they leased and operated a small feedlot while attending graduate school at Colorado State University. Today, the operation includes a 25,000-head feedlot, 2,500 cows and several ranches in Nebraska and Colorado. Teague Diversified, Inc. produces traditional grain-fed, natural and branded beef. The Teague’s three children each play a part in the family business and have learned from their parents what it means to be passionate about the land and animals. The Teague family’s composting operation epitomize their environmentally-friendly practices. They blend the waste that the animals generate with organic products that come from local food processing facilities. During a four-to-six-week process, they bind the nutrients that are in the compost to those local products. The finished product is spread on lawns to provide necessary nutrients, thus conserving the water that is applied to those lawns

Tim O'Shaughnessy    CEO/Founder  - LivingSocial 
Tim sets and communicates LivingSocial's core strategy, and oversees our growth as the next great consumer brand. Before LivingSocial, Tim led the consumer products team at Revolution Health and managed product launches at AOL. Tim graduated from Georgetown University with degrees in Marketing and Operations & Information Management.  LivingSocial is the premier local activity discovery engine – the place where anyone can find out the best things to do in and around their city. As a result, it not only gives local merchants an innovative way to reach nearby customers, but also leverages LivingSocial’s unprecedented social media knowledge to grant merchants access to the company’s extensive community of more than 85 million people. With LivingSocial, merchants get the viral power of the Internet, the reach of the LivingSocial community, and the leverage of the iPhone platform.

Gene A. Crayton (U.S. Navy  Ret.), President - Paralyzed Veterans of America
Paralyzed Veterans of America is celebrating its 64th birthday this week by encouraging all Americans nationwide to help empower our veterans with disabilities.  With events and activities across the country and the theme Empowering Lives, Paralyzed Veterans of America Awareness Week will highlight the unique challenges facing veterans with spinal cord injury/dysfunction. It also spotlights the work of Paralyzed Veterans to empower seriously wounded heroes and their families with everything they need to thrive.

MELISSA MORGAN (Aspermont, Texas)
the latest eliminated contestant on NBC's hit series "The Biggest Loser: Couples." THE BIGGEST LOSER: COUPLES – EPISODE 913  FINANCIAL GURU SUZE ORMAN AND SEASON 8 WINNER DANNY CAHILL GUEST STAR – This week’s pop challenge finds the contestants piling quarters, each worth $10, on to platters, and then trying to balance the platters as long as they can to win the money they’re holding. Aftwards, financial expert Suze Orman talks with the contestants about their financial health, along with season 8 winner Danny Cahill, who she predicted would win last season. It’s a wake-up call for many of them struggling with their personal finances, especially when Orman shares her prediction for who will win this season. Then a wild challenge in the pouring rain finds contestants racing to find the right keys that will open this season’s biggest prize yet for two lucky contestants – brand new cars! Later, trainer Bob Harper takes the players outside for a workout in the mud, which leads to a wild mud-wrestling fight and a lively chase to bring trainer Jillian Michaels into the fray. Alison Sweeney hosts the series.

SARAH (Oxygen's "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too") 
Sarah, 25 – Milwaukee, WI  Married by 19 and divorced by 21, Sarah spent season three in the Bad Girls house making up for lost time – indulging in countless nights of drinking and partying. Nowadays, guys have their work cut out for them when trying to catch the eye of Sarah. Between holding down two jobs and college, Sarah doesn’t impress easily. Her type of guy exudes confidence but is also honest, fun, outgoing and wants to treat her like a princess. Sarah has grown tired of casual dating and would really like to settle down with someone special.  “Hang Tough”  Airs: Tuesday, April 13 at 10pm ET/PT   The guys show off their strength as they hit the beach for their next challenge. A confused Sarah still finds herself in the middle between Nick and Tim. The girls wonder if Devan is going to choose who he wants to be with. Kendra has reservations about one of her dates and puts him up for elimination

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