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4/20 - Christine Baranski, Michele Borba, Dee McKenna

 Christine Baranski - Actress
Christine Baranski was born Christine Jane Baranski to a family of Polish ancestry on May 2nd, 1952. Daughter of Virginia and Lucien Baranski, Christine grew up in the town of Buffalo, New York. Since much of her childhood, youth, and general life are unknown we cannot ascertain who introduced her to acting although the most likely source could be her grandparents who were both Polish and acted in a Polish theater. It would take 14 years for Christine to appear in front of viewers but even then the talent and uniqueness could be observed through the screen. As many other child actors, or starlets, Christine Baranski changed her name to Chris Charney according to IMDB and the dvd release of Combat! . Although the shortening of her first name is quite obvious there is no record or interview which states the choice of ‘Charney’ as her last performing name. Under this nickname Christine appeared in at least three television series and two movies. With only 14 years of age, and her first professional role, Christine appeared in Combat! as Paulette; an orphan in a London Suburb. Although much is not known about Paulette we do learn that she is scared of men, usually serious, and doesn’t speak. Throughout the episode Christine remains silent, observant, and usually to the side of one of the actors who does speak. Yet her facial expressions, or lack of them for this particular character, sell the sadness that surrounds a child who has lost both parents and, when she does smile, the joy that comes with knowing that someone cares. A year later, Christine took part of two projects; one of which was uncredited but her first feature film. In the famous series of Flipper Christine reprised Liz for a total of two episodes titled “Flipper’s New Friends”. Although uncredited, or mentioned only in IMDB as Little Girl, Christine then formed part of the cast of Who’s Minding the Mint? which narrates the story of a mint worker who accidently destroys a huge sum of money and then tries to replace it by printing out cash. This was followed with perhaps the most known Chris Charney credit. At the age of 18, and almost out of her education at the Catholic Villa Marie Academy, Christine appeared in The Brady Bunch, another famous family series, as Paula. In this episode Marcia has her first slumber party and invites Paula not knowing that the party was almost canceled because of her over a drawing that Marcia created but in which Paula printed the name of a teacher. During this episode Christine was able to dwell into more human feelings such as fear, happiness, remorse, and general child crazyness. After her single episode appearance Christine was not active professionally, at least not to what IMDB, Broadway and Off Broadway websites can say about her credits. Although Christine is sure to be looking out for the next project, as any other actor, 2009 has already brought us two projects in which she stars. For one night she was part of the ensemble that presented the concert of A Little Night Music in New York in which she was cast as Countess Charlotte Malcom. Recently she appeared in an episode of Big Bang Theory as Dr. Beverly Hostandter, delighting all her fans as she portrayed a neuroscientist visiting her son Leonard and singing for the first time with Sheldon, for which she won an Emmy Award nomination. For Ugly Betty, Christine has appeared as Victoria Hartley, the mother of Betty's boyfriend Mark who happens to not like Betty at all. Christine is currently starting in a lead role as Diane Lockhart, one of the top litigators in "The Good Wife" and the only woman head partner. The series has recently been picked up for a whole season promising to give the Lockhart charm to Baranski's fans. She is also signed for an upcoming guest spot in Big Bang Theory where she will re-enact her character for a second time. Whatever project she decides to be part of, we the fans, know that she will do her outmost best and that she will shine like never before.

Michele Borba - Parenting Solutions
Trusted parenting expert Michele Borba offers her practical and proven advice for the most common childhood problems and challenges for kids age 3 to 13. These strategies she has shared on 75 TODAY show appearances and with hundreds of parents in her workshops and practice. Michele skips the quick-fix approach and offers effective solutions that help you make real and lasting change in your child’s attitude, behavior and character. Borba’s groundbreaking method shows step-by-step how to put an end to troublesome behaviors and attitudes with healthier new habits. The result: A better behaved and happier kid who is more respectful and responsible and better prepared to handle life both now and forever. But there’s an added bonus: you will be less-stressed and more confident parent because you’ve helped your child achieve positive lasting change to those worrisome behaviors.

Dee McKenna - Master Gardener
Dee McKenna is a Master Gardener and mother of three girls. Agriculture has always been dear to her heart. She resides and raises her kids and garden near Wichita, Kansas. She received her M.S. in Agricultural Education at Texas A&M University and her B.S. in the same field at Iowa State University.
Topics Dee McKenna can discuss:
• How much sun and what kind of soil work best for which kind of vegetables and fruit • 10 best garden crops for beginners • Different types of fertilizer and compost • The misconceptions about fertilizer • How to plant a garden no matter what size home you live in

BRET ERNST (Host, Oxygen's "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too")
Comedian Bret Ernst can regularly be seen headlining at top clubs across the country, and has earned the sought after honor of marquee status on the Sunset Strip. This New Jersey native will next appear  in his own  half hour television special this February. Most recently his stand up was showcased on "One Mic Stand" and "Comics Without Borders." He recently appeared in the Vince Vaughn feature film "Wild West Comedy Show." The film documents Ernst with Vaughn and three other comedians as they perform to sold out crowds in a 30-night 30-venue tour across  America. On the small screen, he has a recurring character on "Weeds" and has guest starred on "CSI: NY." Ernst currently resides in Los Angeles.

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