Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/22 - Kevin Harvick, Doug Brode, Raymond C. Hundley,

 NASCAR Star Kevin Harvick
The Sprint All Star race gets underway May 22nd at Charlotte’s Lowe’s Motorway on May 22, preceded by the Pennzoil Victory Challenge, a charity event the challenges to drivers to see who can deliver the best tire-smoking donut. Kevin Harvick, last year’s Victory Challenge winner, will be available for interviews in the run-up to the big event.  Each driver in the Victory Challenge uses stock cars that have been donated by a driving school and have 30 seconds to complete their runs.  Harvick, who lives with his wife DeLana in North Carolina, started the year with a win in the Budweiser Shootout, placed second in the Gatorade Duel, and while he led most of the way in the Daytona 500, he wound up finishing seventh. He won the race in 2007.  Speed Channel will carry the Victory Challenge live and proceeds go to the NASCAR Foundation.  Right before the competition, which will take place on the front stretch of Lowe’s Motorway, the Grammy-winning band Creed will be giving a concert at the motorway.

Raymond C. Hundley, PhD. -  “Will the World End in 2012? ”
In Will the World End in 2012?, Raymond Hundley, PhD, gives a Christian evaluation of the ten most prominent apocalypse theories causing 2012 mania.  In the first millennia after the birth of Christ, nestled in the mountains of Central America, the Mayan people gazed at the stars and calculated days, months, years, and even the future. Their calendar, more sophisticated than any the world had known, indicated an abrupt end of time, December 21, 2012. The future they predicted is now upon us.  "There have been 149 apocalypse predictions between AD 44 and 2009," says author Dr. Raymond Hundley. But will it really happen? In this stirring, balanced, and well-researched book, he evaluates the ten most prominent apocalypse theories and gives a surprising answer to the question everyone is asking.

Doug Brode - "Mr. Pop Culture America"  - "Yellow Rose of Texas"
Our resident "Pop Culture Expert" looks at the origin and background of  "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and the woman behind the song. Doug's latest book "The Yellow Rose of Texas: the Myth of Emily Morgan" is now available at Amazon, online book retailers and your favorite book store. Click Book to purchase directly. Two hit versions of the popular song became chart hits by "Roy Rogers and The Sons of The Pioneers" and "Mitch Miller".

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