Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/19 - “Guncles”, Jerry Springer, Rich Lechner

Bill  & Scout aka “The Guncles” - Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
Liam & Stella’s “Gay Uncles,” appear on the hit Oxygen reality show “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” which is currently in it’s fifth season.  Bill & Scout are best friends with Tori & Dean and are a part of their close knit chosen family. They enjoy being Liam and Stella’s “Guncles” and are Tori & Dean’s “go-to” guys. Scout and Bill spend holidays, birthdays and family vacations with the McDermott’s.

Jerry Springer  "BAGGAGE!"    PREMIERES 4/19 6:30/5:30c (TONIGHT)
Baggage host Jerry Springer has become a cultural and civic icon. In addition to being the host of the "Jerry Springer Show"-which will celebrate its 20th season this fall-Springer has been a political pundit, lawyer, Emmy Award-winning newscaster, country recording artist, international emcee and TV personality. He has been in movies and on Broadway (starring in productions of Chicago in London and New York). He's a progressive talk-radio broadcaster, and he won America's heart with his ballroom dancing on "Dancing With the Stars." The son of Holocaust survivors, Springer holds a law degree from Northwestern University, and is a political activist who worked on Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign and served as Mayor of Cincinnati for two terms. Springer also has hosted "America's Got Talent," both in primetime on NBC, as well as in the "live" version from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Everyone brings baggage into a relationship-but only on GSN’s new dating game show Baggage do three contestants and one "dater" bring it all to the very first date! On each half-hour episode of Baggage, Jerry Springer guides the fun as one dater chooses among three contestants who reveal the intimate secrets and hidden flaws that are typically kept under wraps to impress a first date. Each contestant enters with three suitcases-small, medium and large-containing the quirky, annoying and sometimes truly shocking "baggage" that may or may not eliminate the contestants from competition, to the accompaniment of the dater’s tagline, "I’m sorry, but you have too much baggage."

RICH LECHNER - IBM VP  Energy & Environment    EARTH DAY  APR 22
Rich Lechner leads IBM's efforts in helping clients address the issues and opportunities around energy, the environment and sustainability as well as the program Green & Beyond, part of the Smarter Planet initiative. This includes finding solutions for improving the efficiency of clients’ infrastructure and optimizing all aspects of their operations for energy, carbon, water, and waste.  Mr. Lechner has a strong track record for driving key cross IBM initiatives that deliver value to clients of all sizes including virtualization, Project Big Green, and IT Optimization. Previously, he was vice president for Enterprise Systems and has held a number of other senior leadership positions at IBM in both the United States and Europe across the hardware, software, and services organizations.  Mr. Lechner spent ten years as a programmer for IBM, beginning as a micro-code programmer in the Financial Services Industry. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from University of California , Los Angeles .

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