Monday, April 26, 2010

4/26 - Dr. N.S. Xavier , Nancy Gardella, Barbara Rose Brooker ,

N.S.Xavier, M.D. has successfully integrated spirituality in his psychiatric practice for three decades. This experience and broad knowledge of world religions, literature, history and philosophy have enabled him to provide keen insights into crucial and complex issues. His writings are easy to understand and enriched by clear explanations and compelling examples. He has presented this work in national and international meetings. His previous book The Two Faces of Religion about healthy spirituality and sick religiosity has received acclaim from scholars in the spiritual and mental health fields. His cross-cultural experience, empathy and pragmatism as a clinician and good humor make his writings/speeches especially insightful, delightful and highly beneficial. Real Conscience is a groundbreaking work of insight, inspiration and practical guidance for psychological and spiritual fulfillment. With originality and depth, the author distinguishes between our two inner guides--the real conscience which uses reason and the Golden rule, and the socially programmed "superego" which tends to deviate more or less from conscience. Conscience is our best guide as we make choices in handling our needs like power, pleasure, esteem and meaning. Superego or feelings connected with needs can mislead us and cause numerous problems ranging from abuses, addictions, break ups and break downs and many diseases and disorders to extremism and violence. This book is easy to read and provides a good perspective on fulfilling our needs using conscience and keeping feelings and superego in balance. This unique work is particularly timely to promote peace and well-being in individuals, couples, communities and countries, as we face widespread conflicts, deep crises, and wonderful opportunities for transformation.

Nancy Gardella - Executive Director  Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce
Beaches, bicyling, family vacations, fabulous food, romantic getaways, vacations for every budget, destination weddings, corporate retreats, dazzling arts culture, fishing, birding, sailing and so much more awaits you! Your Vineyard experience is just a short ferry ride or flight away, so welcome, explore and start planning your Island getaway . The island of Martha's Vineyard - it’s all here, for everyone! The Island of Martha's Vineyard covers roughly 100 square miles, and is home to both year-round and seasonal residents. Some live "up-island" in the more rural towns of Aquinnah, Chilmark and West Tisbury, and others live "down-island" in the more populous towns of Edgartown, Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven (also known as Tisbury). Each Island town is unique in its geography, personality, and character. All blend together to create this special place many of us love to call our home. If possible, take time to visit each of the Island towns during your visit.

Barbara Rose Brooker  -  The Viagra Diaries
Anny Applebaum is seventy and writes The Viagra Diaries, a San Francisco weekly column researching sixty-plus boomers looking for love. She places ads on Internet singles sites and interviews men over sixty. Is love possible in the Viagra generation? Divorced for thirty years, Anny has given up on love and concentrates on her career. She is looking for controversy and hopes that her column will bring her fame and fortune. On Jdate, Anny meets and interviews Marv Rothstein, a handsome, seventy-five-year-old, emotionally unavailable diamond dealer. Anny is attracted to Marv, and they become involved in a torrid affair. But very soon, Anny discovers that the elusive Marv is a serial JDater prowling the singles sites for younger women, and that he still sees his much younger ex-wife. Anny decides to write a series of columns, modeled after Marv, about a man who can't face age, calling him Mr. X. As Anny's Mr. X columns gain recognition, she struggles with her conflict about Marv, her career hopes, relationships, and her coming of age.

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