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4/27 - Kevin Jonas, Laura Powell, Mark Rogers, Patricia Wright,

Pop Star Kevin Jonas
Hands-on experiences like field trips help engage children in learning that can open their eyes to the world beyond their classroom. A 2009 report issued by the American Association of School Administrators estimates that over the course of this school year, the number of school districts eliminating field trips will increase by 56 percent - the equivalent of more than 30,000 schools.  Pop music star, Kevin Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers is live  from the Natural History Museum in LA. In addition to discussing his current music and television projects, Jonas will also tell kids (and their parents) how to nominate deserving classrooms for a chance to have an inspiring education experience.  Field Trips For All, a new program from the Lunchables team, is awarding 50 deserving classrooms nationwide with inspiring learning experiences through its new “Project Potential” program. Project Potential will provide enriching experiences kids otherwise would not have including access to a variety of fun and educational opportunities to help shape their development.  Deserving classrooms will be selected from nominations submitted online at from now to June 1st. For more information or to nominate a deserving classroom, log onto

Patricia Wright - Easter Seals National Director of Autism Services
We’ve all experienced a time when our physical environment made it impossible to concentrate or been so uncomfortable in a particular setting we’ve had to get up and leave. An incessant car alarm, a lumpy chair, a flickering overhead light. For most of us, these distractions go unnoticed, ignored, remaining in the background. For children and adults with autism, these things can be debilitating. Autism is a lifelong disability affecting 1.5 million Americans. It impacts the way the brain functions and usually becomes evident within the first three years of a child’s life. People with autism have impaired communication and social skills, as well as restrictive or repetitive behaviors. We also know that many people with autism are visually and spatially oriented.  For this reason, software from Google called SketchUp is counting a growing number of children with autism among its many fans. Users with autism seemed adept at navigating the system, creating models and images that they might have struggled to create with a simple paper and pencil. The program is not only helping people with autism express themselves and hone their creativity; it’s helping them develop some marketable computer skills, as well. Patricia Wright has a passion for education and advocacy and has dedicated her career to ensuring that individuals with autism are fully-included in society. Her personal mission is to offer the support that makes it possible for people with autism lead meaningful, happy and productive lives. As Easter Seals National Director of Autism Services, Wright leads ASD programs for Easter Seals, the nation’s largest provider of services for individuals with autism across the life span.

Laura Powell - Environmental Journalist
Veteran journalist Laura Powell has been covering environmental topics for the past five years. In a recent Going Green section for The Washington Post, she covered topics ranging from hybrid cars and green building practices to organic food and environmentally-friendly fashion. Powell has written about green tourism for outlets ranging from National Geographic Traveler to Good Housekeeping. She is also a regular contributor to Energy of the City, a Washington, DC eco-lifestyle magazine. In addition to her environmental journalism, Powell has appeared on scores of broadcast and cable outlets, including CNN, WNBC, and ABC News Now.

Dr. Robi Ludwig - Relationship ExpertCan a happy marriage erupt in hostility over housework? The fact is, husbands and wives argue like crazy when it comes to who does the most work around the house, a battle that’s expected to heat up as we enter spring cleaning season. While the issue of divvying up household chores isn’t likely to go away, there are ways to avoid a knock-down-drag-out over who takes out the garbage, or who scrubs down the bathroom.  In a new survey, “Chore Wars,” men and women squared off and revealed their honest opinions and perceptions about cleaning and housework and how much of the burden they shoulder. The survey revealed that there are natural and distinct gender-based cleaning habits and preferences. r. Robi Ludwig, noted relationship expert and host for two seasons of TLC’s reality show, “One Week to Save Your Marriage,” will reveal the survey results and will let couples in on tips and tricks to help them navigate the “chore war,” so that everyone gets out alive. She’ll also tell viewers about a quiz that will show them what kind of cleaning partner they are and how to get along with a spouse who has a different cleaning personality.

Mark  Rogers  "The CIG to Economic Indicators"
Today's investors must play an active role in managing their money. This guide introduces the leading U.S. economic indicators and shows how to use them to make better investment decisions. Indicators covered include: national output; employment; consumer reports; housing and construction; and inflation. R. Mark Rogers spent 19 years with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He also has served as macroeconomic forecast coordinator for the Macropolicy Group, as well as written books on economic indicators. A national lecturer, he is senior U.S. econoƂ­mist with the firm Econoday. He has taught economics at Emory and Clayton State Universities.

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